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12 Awesome Wedding Cakes

Awesome Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is important. I mean, everyone loves cake, right? And everyone at your wedding is going to want to eat some really yummy cakes. Plus, the cake cutting is one of the most fun events of the night! That’s why you need a great cake that you and your fiance will love to look at and eat, and maybe even smear all over each other’s faces! These twelve awesome wedding cakes are unique and special to each couple, in different ways. And all of these cakes were so moist and delicious. How do I know? Well, I have to taste test each one of course. You know, to make sure they’re safe! ūüėÄ

Real Flowers

One of my favorite wedding cake trends I’ve seen this year are cakes with real flowers as decorations. I just think it’s so cool that you can have the same flora throughout your whole day, from your bouquets and boutonnieres, to your centerpieces, to your cake!

Cake by¬†Whipped Bakery¬†from Kristin and Jeff’s Arrowhead Wedding

Wedding Cake with Real Flowers


Succulent are super trendy right now, especially at weddings. So why not have them be a part of your cake! Just like with real flowers, having succulents on your cake brings that extra piece of nature into your day.

Cake by¬†Mountain Flour¬†from Heather and Jamie’s Piney River Ranch Wedding. The road to Piney River Ranch is super bumpy and most cakes can’t make it without being destroyed, but the wonderful people at Mountain Flour know how to handle those tricky mountain roads (it’s in their name!) so they built a low, sturdy cake that they knew could handle the trip.

Colorado Wedding Cake with Succulents

Sugar Flowers

If you don’t want to go with real flowers or succulents, you can have the classic sugar flowers decorate your dessert. The upside of having flower decorations made out of sugar, is that you can eat them! Yum! I just love the simple beauty of this periwinkle and white wedding cake.

Cake by Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe in Colorado Springs

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

Personalized Cake

If you want a cake that really shows off you and your fiance, you can have a decorator create a custom fondant cake that shows your interests and passions. This couple loved the Colorado mountains and wanted to show that passion with their cake. Their five tier wedding cake has mountains and evergreens decorating the whole thing, plus they have cute, custom cake toppers on the top of their own little mountain.

Cake from Keystone Resort at Timber Ridge¬† and¬†Joe and Laura’s Keystone Wedding

Timber Ridge Keystone Wedding Cake

Half and Half Cake

One really cool way to show two people coming together as one is to have half the cake decorated in one style and the other half in the other style. This is a great alternative to having a smaller groom cake as well. This cake was half decorated to mimic the brides’ wedding dress and the other half was styled as the groom’s marine dress blues.

Cake by¬†Indulge Bakery (now closed) from Amy and Daniel’s Castle Pines Wedding

Marine Wedding Cake

Small Cake

A small cake is a great idea if you love all kinds of desserts but still want to do a cake cutting at your reception. You can have a small cake to cut and then all sorts of other goodies, from cupcakes, to pies, to cake pops and doughnuts! This fall wedding cake was decorated like a tree stump, which is a really trendy Colorado style this year. Isn’t it cute!

Cake by¬†Elegant Bakery¬†from Amanda and Damian’s Wedding

Colorado Wedding Cake

Unfrosted i.e. Naked

The unfrosted or naked cake is a really classy trend, especially when it’s dressed up in pink roses and pearls, like this pretty cake is! If you’re a frosting lover, don’t worry! There is plenty of sugary goodness in between the cake layers, plus powdered sugar sprinkled over the top. Some of these exposed cakes have more frosting, with just a little bit of the actual cake peeking out. I love that this cake showed off it’s chocolaty decadence. It looks so yummy!

Cake from Joel and Jackelynn’s Bella Sera Wedding

Unfrosted Wedding Cake with Roses and Pearls


Ombre is a fun trend in fashion and hair, but have you seen it on a cake? This orange, pink, and white ombre cake looks like a delicious sunset. This is also a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into the reception.

Cake by¬†Mulberries Cake Shop¬†from Lynnette and Drew’s Denver Wedding

Three Tier Ombre Cake

Cultural Cake

Incorporating your or your fiance’s culture into your wedding is a great way to honor your heritage. This Danish marzipan ring cake is the traditional cake served at weddings in Denmark. It is made out of rings of almond paste stacked on top of each other, then decorated with icing and mini Danish flags.

This cake was made by a family member of the couple, making it even more special!

Awesome Longmont Wedding Cake

Classic Cake with Lace Detail

This beautiful cake is white with lace detailing. Lace is in for wedding cakes this year, whether it’s with real lace around the cake, lace stenciling, or lacy frosting details¬†like this one, it is a classic way to dress up any cake. The cascading real roses only add to the romance.

Cake by Icing & Sprinkles from Kate and Todd’s Crooked Willow Wedding

Beautiful Cake with Cascading Roses

Cupcake Tower

If you don’t want the big, fancy cake, or you want to skip the cake cutting ritual, having a cupcake tower instead is a great option. With individual cupcakes, everyone can have what they want. You can even have different kinds to mix things up a bit. Some other awesome non-cake dessert ideas I’ve seen are doughnuts, cake pops, homemade pies, and a s’mores building station. Cake is certainly not the only way to go.

Cupcakes by¬†Gigi‚Äôs Cupcakes¬†from Joe and Sterling’s Baldoria on the Water Wedding¬†Would you believe these cupcakes are gluten free!?

Wedding Cupcake Tower

Personalized Cake Toppers

The best way to bring awesome wedding cakes to the next level is to get personalized cake toppers! Cake toppers are super cute and they are a great wedding keepsake. This couple is crazy about skiing so they got little snow bunny versions of themselves to top their snowy, blue cake. What a great way to bring a bit of the slopes into a summer wedding!

Cake and cake toppers by¬†The Makery¬†from Amanda and Ted’s Fourth of July Wedding

Custom Larkspur Wedding Cake

I hope these 12 awesome wedding cakes gave you some great ideas for your upcoming wedding, or maybe just some sugary food porn. ūüėČ If you’re planning your Colorado wedding, let me know! I’d love to hear all about your awesome wedding cakes¬†and help capture your special day!


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