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Colorado Springs Newborn Photos | Baby Easton

Every once in a while, I get to photograph babies a month or two after they are born. Sometimes this is become mom didn’t realize how much she’d want newborn photos until after baby was born. Other times it is because life is really hectic when you’re having a baby and you just forget (pregnancy brain is a real thing). Sometimes it’s because baby had to stay in the hospital a little bit longer than planned. Regardless of the reason, it does happen.

When this occurs, the babies are often more alert and less malleable than your typical newborn session. In baby Easton’s case, he was about two months old, so while we were about to get a few sleeping photos, there wasn’t a whole lot or wrapping or bending to be had. Instead he was bright eyed and snugly.  But don’t let the fact that your little one missed the “two week mark” stop you from getting photos!  Get them scheduled now, regardless and we will capture that little baby as they are today because there is no going back.  They will still never be as little as they are today.

Regardless, his photos are beautiful and the memories are priceless.

Baby Easton’s Colorado Springs Newborn Photos!

Colorado Springs Newborn Photos - Baby EAston Colorado Springs Newborn Photos - bright eyed baby easton

Colorado Springs Newborn Photos - Easton

Look how bright eyed baby Easton was!

Colorado Springs Newborn Photos

New born photography in Colorado Springs

He has such a beautiful smile!

Colorado Springs Newborn Photos by Katie Corinne

Snugly newborn photo by Katie Corinne

Soooo snugly!

Katie Corinne Newborn Photography

Daddy and me newborn photo

I love this daddy and me photo!

Colorado Springs Newborn Photos by Katie Corinne Photography

Mommy and me newborn photo

Mommy and me!

Newborn Photos by Katie Corinne

The entire family! So beautiful!

Colorado Springs Newborn Photography Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer, Katie Corinne

Big brother and newborn photo

Easton is already so loved by his big brother.

Colorado Springs Newborn Pictures

Colorado Springs Newborn Pictures by Katie Corinne



Katie Corinne is a newborn photographer based out of Colorado Springs in Southern Colorado. To schedule your own Colorado Springs Newborn Photos session, contact Katie today!


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