Colorado Springs Baby Girl Session

Baby Girl Newborn Photos

I love these photos from Archer’s baby girl newborn session. Her full name is Arabelle Archer. She was such a great baby! We were able to get in a lot of different sets for her session. Baby Archer actually ended up with a bit of a garden theme. We incorporated lots of flowers and pastel colors into a few different sets. One of the sets was all green and flowers, with a beautiful twig headband and basket. I just love the spring feel of that set! Plus, we even dressed this baby girl up as a cute little ladybug!

+ Baby Girl Newborn Photos +

When Megan and Ed came to me for their newborn session, they had already bought a few outfits. I’m always a bit hesitant about parents bringing in outfits that they bought online or bought before their baby was born. They often don’t really fit newborns very well. The ladybug outfit they bought for Baby Archer fit perfectly though! They also brought a cute cream colored tutu set that was a gift from grandma. Newborns don’t usually like tutu fabric since it’s a bit rough, but this little girl didn’t seem to mind. We actually placed the tutu on top of her rather than having her wear it. This way is much more comfortable for the baby and it doesn’t matter if it’s too big.

Archer’s brother, Gunner, had some special photo with his new baby sister before joining in for the family photos. Baby Archer was so good for the photos with brother. Gunner wasn’t the biggest fan of having his photo taken but we made it quick and painless for him. He indulged us with about a dozen good photos and then he was off to school. Easy peasy! Since she was such a good sleeper, we had lots of time for photos with mom and dad too. I love how sweet those one on one photos are!

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