Four Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding is over, and you’ve already checked out your wedding photos and LOVE them. Now the question is, what should you do with your wedding photos? I’m glad you asked. I offer a variety of unique, high quality products that will make showing off your wedding photos fun and exciting! Too many couples just stuff their USB drive in their desk drawer and forget about their photos. Please don’t do that! You invested in beautiful photos for a reason, so show them off and have a daily reminder of one of the best days of your life.

Four Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

Print an album | There are so many benefits to purchasing a wedding album that I could be here all day, but the most important is that an album tells your story. A photo captures a moment in time, but an album includes a ton of moments, and brings you back to the entire day. Plus, there are always photos that you love, but that you don’t necessarily want to hang on your wall. Those are perfect to have in an album. On top of that, a high quality wedding album will last for generations. This is the one item every couple should have. It’s your heirloom. And they make wonderful gifts to parents (especially around Mother’s or Father’s Day) or as Christmas or Anniversary presents to your new husband or wife 🙂  To see the wedding albums I offer click here! 

Wedding Albums - Things to do with your wedding photos


 Wedding album cover options by Katie Corinne Photography
Put them on your wall | Remember that daily reminder that I mentioned above? This is it. I highly recommend putting at least one, if not more, photos from your wedding day on your wall. You can order both standard prints and canvases, but I also offer a number of alternative wall art options.  I really love when a couple uses bamboo, metal prints, wood prints, or acrylic prints on their wall. These options, plus a few others that I offer, allow a couple to print their wedding photos in a way that compliments their home and who they are.
If you know where you want to put your wall art, but aren’t sure of which wall art products you’d like to order, I offer a service where I can take a photo from your home and show you how potential selections will fit. Contact me directly to set that up
Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos - Wall Art Displayed using Preveal

Computer generated preview of wedding wall art!

Send thank you cards | Most couples send out thank you cards anyways, so why not send out one with a personalized photo from your wedding day? Not only will this accomplish the goal of a thank you card, but you’ll also be providing your guests with a memento from your wedding day.
Order Christmas Ornaments | Decorating the Christmas tree is often an emotional experience. As you pull out each ornament, there is always a story attached. I offer photo ornaments for this very reason. Have an annual reminder of your wedding day, every time you decorate the tree. They also make great holiday gifts for parents and grandparents too!
Contact me today about ordering one of these items for yourself!


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