Colorado Engagement Photography – What to Wear

You’re engaged! Congratulations! You said yes, you called your parents and all your friends, and now you’ve booked your Colorado engagement photography session. What’s next? Well, one of the most frequent questions I get asked by my clients is what to wear for their engagement session. So, I’ve put together this little guide to help you plan your outfits so you can look flawless and feel awesome at your session. These photos are going to be used for your save the dates, wedding decor, and other things like a guest book on your big day. I want to make sure you look amazing in your photos and love every single one!

Colorado Engagement Photography – What to Wear

Golden Colorado couple dressed up

Casual Engagement photo ideas


The biggest tip I give my clients is to coordinate their outfits with each other. You don’t want one of you wearing a bright pink ball gown and the other wearing distressed jeans and flannel. Both could be great outfit options, but they look super weird together. Coordinating also does not mean matching. It just means choosing a color palette that you both use to complement each other as well as keeping to a similar style. So, if one of you is wearing brown or beige, then maybe the other should wear coral, cream, or blush.  If you want to wear grey or dark green, maybe your partner wears light blue, lavender, etc. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color and have fun with it!  Also, usually we have time for at least 2 OUTFITS.  So you can do one set as dressy casual and the other more dramatic date night out look.  Sometimes this also can mean a mountain rustic look and then a city night out look.

Engagement Photographer Denver

Dress Practically

Comfort, location, and weather are all important things to keep in mind when planning your outfits. You don’t want to wear something that is tight or feel itchy or an outfit that nearly falls off of you. Make sure your clothing choices fit well and feel good on you and hopefully don’t bunch up in places that make you look bigger than you are. You also want to be prepared in the colder months. Wear layers, long sleeves, cute scarves, and NICE coats (not that stained, tattered puffy coat!) and boots for fall and winter sessions and then more springtime attire for the warmer, greener months.

In addition, you most likely don’t want to wear high heels to hike up a mountain for photos. There are some exceptions to this if you want really dramatic, fancy photos on top of a spectacular view or in the middle of winter. For this, you’ll want to bring some “travel” shoes and clothes to get to the location, then change for the photos.  Also, in Colorado, if you want snow photos, usually we have to go to higher elevation to guarantee which means the snow is literally knee or thigh high so be prepared for deep pockets of snow that we may have to climb thru.

Fashionable Engagement photo ideas

What Not to Wear

There are certain things I always advise against since they just don’t photograph well.


Graphic tees

Busy patterns

They draw the eye away from the subject, YOU! You don’t want everyone straining to read your shirt, you want them looking at how adorable you and your fiance are together!

Guy Engagement Photo outfits

Show Off Your Style – Accessorize!

I LOVE when clients include fabrics with textures like lace, leather or tulle into their outfit choices.  You should definitely chose some accessories like vests, scarves, and jewelry as well to really bring your look together.  This is your chance to make the outfit your own. Your Colorado engagement photography should show off your personalities! Be You by all means!

For more ideas on what to wear for your engagement session, take a look at some pins on my Pinterest board:

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outfits for engagement photos

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Urban Engagement Photo outfits

What to Wear for Engagement Session


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