Wedding Albums – What to know

How to remember your favorite day – Your wedding day

“We are living in a material world…” I feel those words no longer ring true. I would replace the Madonna lyrics of “material” with “digital.” Everyone wants digital images of their precious memories to post, share and store forever. Throughout the years, I have found that many of my clients are not printing their images. They are not in a wedding album that they and their children can look through 10, 20, 30 years from now.  And in that time, if you do want to see your photos, by then where are those digitals?  On an old computer?  A USB?  What’s a USB anyway?  (Kidding but in 10 years that may be super old technology) 

Lastly, many people think well I have those photos on Facebook or Instagram, a cloud or some other digital storage that might alter the quality of your images and are not the best storing options for your photos. Honestly, how many times have you upgraded phones, had a computer crash, had to start using a completely different technological system in the last 10 year? Think about the floppy disk, the CD, the DVD, the USB/Flash Drive, the external hard drive, computer or phone and now the cloud.  However, a quality wedding album will last for generations, will outlast technology. 

Wedding Albums – What to know

Wedding albums these days are remarkable!  With endless options, they can be matted, or designed in photoshop. They can be linen, or leather, exotic or vegan.  Covers with embossing, acrylic or metal.  They can be printed and finished in a variety of methods and tastes.  I personally love flush mount albums for your personal wedding album. They are very durable, luxurious and have what it takes to make it 30 years.  Coffee table albums are more traditional books with thin pages and standard covers. Many couples now use these with their engagement photo for photo books at the wedding instead of a guest book. More like the yearbook of your wedding, where guests can write longer messages wishing you happiness for the future. 

One tip I give my couples is to budget for the coverage of their wedding day now then re-budget for the wedding album after the wedding.  Get creative! For instance, wedding albums make great Christmas and anniversary gifts. Here are a few of the album options that Katie Corinne Photography offers and the differences between them.

Video of Albums KCP from Katie Bicket Green on Vimeo.

The Coffee Table Album:

Great low-cost option for engagement albums, additional albums for extended family or for a yearly family portrait session or event like a gender reveal party.  The paper is #80 and still lays flat but there is a visible seam like with most books that is on the spine.  Only about 20 linen or faux leather or custom covers (a photo) are available. 

Wedding AlbumsBasic Flush Mount Albums:

The Basic Flush Mount Album offers an affordable price for a quality album. With fewer options for customization, these albums are great for parents, extended family and gifts. The pages are printed on Kodak Professional Lustre Photo Paper and are on flush mount pages which are as thick as a penny. This album only has 1 type of printing for the paper and about a dozen cover choices.

Premium Flush Mount Albums:

The Premium Flush Mount Albums are prints mounted flush to a 1/16″ board, offering a solid feel and a high-end look.  Pages can be printed on Kodak Endura Premier Paper, Metallic paper, classic felt or Fuji Deep Matte. In addition, you may choose additional coatings like lustre, fine linen or pebble textures which are applied on top. The cover options is what makes this a popular album. Beautiful leathers, etched patterns, textile linens, acrylic, metal or wood as well as cameos (cutouts) and add-ons making the number of looks, endless. 

Cypress Albums:

Above all, the Cypress is our highest quality album with textures in the fabrics and papers to bring a focus to the images. The materials used, such as elegant Japanese bookbinding fabric and ribbon from Switzerland, are the very best. They are carefully considered for their archival quality, beauty, and their minimal impact on our environment. This is one of the few albums that offer matching presentation boxes and acid-free, heavyweight fine art paper. These albums have natural deckled edge, matted pages with prints. (Flush mount albums are also available in these same materials and craftsmanship)   

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  1. […] Print an album | There are so many benefits to purchasing a wedding album that I could be here all day, but the most important is that an album tells your story. A photo captures a moment in time, but an album includes a ton of moments, and brings you back to the entire day. Plus, there are always photos that you love, but that you don’t necessarily want to hang on your wall. Those are perfect to have in an album. On top of that, a high quality wedding album will last for generations. This is the one item every couple should have. It’s your heirloom. And they make wonderful gifts to parents (especially around Mother’s or Father’s Day) or as Christmas or Anniversary presents to your new husband or wife ????  To see the wedding albums I offer click here!  […]

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