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Rarely do I have a post that is relevant to my both my brides getting married and my mommies and mommies to be. VillaSport and VillaSpa in Colorado Springs is the perfect place for my brides and my mommies to spend a fun or relaxing day. One of my favorite things about VillaSport, especially with summer […]

Wedding Albums – What to know “We are living in a material world…” I feel those words no longer ring true. I would replace the Madonna lyrics of “material” with “digital.” Everyone wants digital images of their precious memories to post, share and store forever. Throughout the years, I have found that many of my clients are […]

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being appreciated for what you do! Especially in a highly competitive field such as wedding photography.  Recently I won a special award and placed highly in several competitions for my work that I wanted to share with all of you! Shoot and Share There have been several contests in the photography happening in March. […]

I was so excited when a  few friends of mine, also wedding pros, recently opened their own warehouse/studio! This space is truly inspiring! They did such a good job and it was so pretty, a group of us thought why don’t we take some pretty headshots in their new space. More like headshot minis as I had about 15 […]

Hello 2016! Well it’s here! 2015 has come and gone and 2016 now reigns supreme.  I’m sure we will all be scratching out dates in our checkbooks (yep I still use one) and be dreading the political ads to come (ughhh a presidential election year) lol.  But first let me sum up quickly a few […]

You may have guessed that I love to travel as one of my favorite hobbies is scuba diving and I live in a landlocked state.  I started traveling after high school and my first big trip was to Russia and then later Spain in college.  My mother sent me on a trip that went from […]

Gorgeous photographs…the latest and greatest equipment…becoming an expert on lighting, posing and creating art.  Yes Yes I have it all but it didn’t come easy 🙂  lol  I kid but actually it’s true.  I feel like I didn’t actually become a better photographer until I started honing my craft.  Even if you are born naturally […]

With the current political environment on everyone’s minds and Facebook pages, I was recently struck by the reactions and comments I saw.  Of course I noticed those directly affected, mostly friends and family of mine that work for the government feeling frustrated and worried about their finances and futures.  I remember at one point before […]

So as a wedding photographer, I have a lot of experience helping brides find the right people to make their wedding day perfect.  However, as a bride myself, having to search for my perfect twin wedding photographer; well it was an eye-opening experience.  First, it gave me incredible insight as to being on the other […]

Recently, I had the privilege of attending  a dear friend’s homecoming for her husband.  It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year and a half since I have photographed their beautiful wedding set among the red rocks of Garden of the Gods.  It’s even more difficult to conceive that over half of […]


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