Wedding Photography Editing

A lot of brides and grooms want to know what kind of wedding photography editing is done to their wedding photos. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and every detail matters. I wanted to write a blog post to cover what my editing style is, what kind of editing I do, and how everything works after the photography part is done. Some weddings require more editing just because of the weather, backgrounds, or other factors. This wedding had some pretty in-depth edits because there was a highway going through the background of a bunch of their newlywed portraits.

My editing style is more radiant and well exposed, but always colorful! I want your day to feel bright and happy when you look back at the photos. It’s also important to me that there is detail in the sky, the wedding gown, and other brighter areas of each image. Since every wedding day is unique, I don’t have a guaranteed number of images I deliver. But, I typically deliver 75-100 images for each hour. I edit every image I deliver in Lightroom to correct for color, exposure, contrast, and clarity. I also convert some of those special moments to black and white at this stage. This is the point where I make sure all of the images look their best and look consistent.

My Wedding Photography Editing Process

Then, I select a handful of images, usually around 50 per wedding, for more fine-tuned editing. I select these images based on if they need special edits, and if I think my clients will choose to include them in an album or make a large wall print of them. Most images don’t need this additional editing, especially if you won’t be looking at them every day. The images selected for special editing are brought into Photoshop. There, I edit out stray hairs, remove distracting objects, or even do face swaps on family formals. With lots of little ones or even distracted adults, it’s pretty much impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time! If a client requests additional special edits, I charge $100/hour but most edits typically take me between 5-15 minutes each.

Below are examples of an image before and after editing. The before image is as I shot it, right out of the camera. The after image has been corrected for color, exposure, etc. and had the highway and path removed from the background.  See the rest of their wedding day at Christies at Genesee as well!

wedding photography editing

bride and groom at spring mountain wedding

Christies of Genesee Beach Wedding

beach themed wedding details

coral and teal wedding details

beach wedding guest book

chocolate covered strawberries at Colorado wedding

teal and coral wedding cake

Summer wedding details in Colorado

Summer wedding details at Genessee

Ring bearers wearing sunglasses

Wedding ceremony photography editing

ring bearers play during Evergreen wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony in Golden Colorado

Evergreen Colorado wedding ceremony

Bride smiles at Christie's at Genesee wedging ceremony

wedding ceremony photography editing

wedding service photography editing

Party favors at seaside wedding

coral themed bubble wands

spring wedding favors

wedding cooking with cute sign

Party favors at Colorado wedding

wedding couple during grand entrance

wedding reception at Christie's at Genesee

bride and groom at Colorado wedding reception

newlyweds cut cake at evergreen wedding

bride and groom kiss at golden colorado wedding

newlywed portraits in Colorado mountains

newlyweds walk past family and friends with bubbles

newlywed portraits with wedding photography editing

bride and groom portraits with wedding photography editing

Colorado couple portraits with wedding photography editing

Colorado couple at spring mountain wedding

newlyweds at spring mountain wedding


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