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Spruce Mountain Ranch Weddings In November, I had 2 Winter Spruce Mountain Ranch Weddings back to back. Of course, for Elaine and Taylor this was more like a celebration since we had their elopement last year due to Covid. Luckily, even though they eloped in August (their original date) they got similar beautiful weather in […]

Crooked Willow Farm Weddings Crooked Willow Farm weddings in June are my favorite and you know it’s true. That’s because it’s exactly where and when I got married myself. Although, there are now some new improvements since my day. All the classic beautify is still there. There are even a few things you rarely find […]

Colorado backyard wedding 2020’s challenges really brought innovation to the wedding industry. Due to a lot of unforeseen mandate, rule changes and venue issues, couples had to make spur of the moment changes and restructuring to their weddings nearly daily. As a result, many couples decided to do a Colorado backyard wedding and still have […]

Weddings at Crooked Willow Farms So interestingly enough, I had 2 weekends back to back at Spruce Mountain Ranch in November and 2 weddings at Crooked Willow Farms in June. Megan and Jacob’s June wedding day was my 1st wedding back since the pandemic (to CW). I love all the special touches these two had […]

How to have a Baby Friendly Wedding First comes love, then comes baby……and then the wedding! Years ago, there was an “order” to life’s milestones. However, we’ve evolved in the 21st century, accelerated by a pandemic, and realized we don’t need to step in the same footsteps as others. Nina and Thomas did just that and […]

Must Ask Questions for your Wedding Photographer Every year when I am meeting with clients, it never fails that some bring in a question list from a wedding site or spiral notebook that has, “must ask questions for your wedding photographer.” If you didn’t already know, a great way to get noticed online is to […]


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