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Newborn Baby Girl and Brother – Ella

I love my clients that I see year after year.  It is so fulfilling to see my families grow in numbers and in age and hear their fun stories and have playdates.  Many of my families and adorable newborns you will see year after year on my site.  Many times I’ve photographed mom and dad’s engagements and wedding photos.  In this case, I didn’t have that pleasure for Katie and Matt’s wedding, however, I did get to photograph baby Connor as a newborn and his first year of life.  And now I get to photograph this newborn baby girl and her brother.

Adorable Newborn Baby Photos – In Home

Ella is the new baby sister of Connor who I photographed several years ago in an adorable Santa suit.  Now of course I have a studio in Palmer Lake and most of my family’s come to my studio for their session.  It’s because I have SOOO many backdrops, baskets, wraps, furs and just endless combinations to use.  Not to mention all of my baby tricks are there.  🙂  Well brother’s session was at the family home so we decided to do their photos at their home as well.

This baby girl was such a good sleeper for me (thank goodness!) and I got some of the sweetest sibling photos and of course of Miss Ella.  Look at her hair!  Her and her brother are like my 2 sons, who are very different in appearances.  Both our oldest are light blonde and blue eyes and youngest is dark hair and dark eyes – just like mine!  But I just know though they are going to be as close as peas in a pod with big brother always looking out for his sister.

Are you expecting your next little baby?  This time will you have a toddler or older sibling that you would love to get some photos with?  All of my sessions include new family photos with your newest bundle of joy.  Book your session now before baby is here and time and life fly by! 😉


brother kissing baby sister

big brother with baby sister

Sleeping newborn baby girl

Newborn baby girl with mom

in home newborn photography

Mother with newborn girl

sweet in home family newborn photo

Mom and Dad with big brother and newborn

Baby in cute garden box

baby girl in white lace outfit

Sweet newborn girl with flowers

Newborn girl purple wrap

sweet smile newborn girl

peach and purple newborn girl

pink fur newborn baby girl

sleeping baby in pink fur

wrapped baby girl in fur




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