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Photographing newborns can be challenging on its own, but adding a dog into the mix can make it even harder. That was not the case with these newborn and pup portraits! Baby Sophia was so great during her Colorado newborn session. The family dog was so, so easy to work with too. Sophia slept well […]

I loved photographing Baby Selah in her home! With in-home newborn sessions, sometimes it’s a little more limited in the sets and poses we can do. Don’t worry though! I have some very creative solutions. For some of these portraits, I used my digital newborn backgrounds. I have a variety of these backgrounds that I […]

Baby Grace was such a dream to photograph! She wasn’t very sleepy during our session but she made the cutest faces. I even got a little smile out of her! Since this was a local family, I went to their home instead of them coming to my studio. I love that I can do this […]

Last month, I was able to start taking newborn sessions again, after Colorado’s stay-at-home order changed to safer-at-home, and I was so excited. I seriously had baby fever so bad, you guys! I love newborns. That’s why newborn photography is my calling. So, going a few months without any baby cuddles was so hard. But […]

Newborn Photographers in Colorado Springs: How to take your own newborn photos – COVID-19 As I sit at my desk typing this post, it feels surreal to even admit our new normal.  Within the last few weeks we have slipped into an unbelievable reality due to COVID-19. Unlike a forest fire, tornado or even war, […]

Monument Newborn Photographer They grow up so fast. So the saying goes and most people say this without fully taking in how true and impactful it is. Of course, most mothers in the beginning feel like time is standing still and that they felt every sleepless, confusing, overwhelming and terrifying moment with that little baby. […]

After having two babies of my own, I wanted to impart some advice and knowledge to my 1st-time moms and newborn clients. When I was about 35 weeks pregnant with my last child, I realized I needed to make my hospital go-bag. Even though I had made one before, it had already become a distant […]

You don’t know what you had until it’s gone and man does it ever resonate when it comes to sleep.  For my husband, sleep has eluded him for some time, he’s the light weight. However, I have slept thru earthquakes, literally.  In college, I had to have a special supersonic alarm clock that my roommates […]

I love dogs! So, when this family told me they wanted to incorporate their two dogs into their Colorado Springs newborn session, I was so excited! We decided to do an in home newborn session so that the dogs would be in a familiar place be free to move around more. They also wanted to […]

I photograph a lot of different things in Colorado and beyond, but being a Monument newborn photographer is one of my favorite things. Seeing new families form and grow is just so beautiful! And I love getting to meet some of my neighbors and make connections with them. Really, I just love capturing the love […]


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