Newborn Baby and Siblings – Tips and Tricks

Newborn Baby and Siblings – Tips and Tricks

When you have a newborn baby, everything is new. Learning to feed, diaper, sleep, take on trips etc is nothing that you learn in school. However, when you have a second baby, although you know how to take care of one baby, you have to learn to care for a toddler or kid AND a newborn baby. Doing newborn baby and sibling photos is an art. A newborn alone is already a challenge, but throw a toddler sibling with no nap and meltdown and you have a party lol.

Two under 2 is especially hard and I know. There’s 2 different size diapers, 2 different types of milk and snacks as well as changes of clothes for accidents. On one hand, you are trying to soak in this fleeting time of firsts for your newborn baby. On the other, also realizing that your older child is experiencing so many firsts still of their own while also contending with a new sibling.

Once baby is here, try a few of these changes to your routine to help with the transition. First, create special time for both your older child and your newborn baby. Let your older child pick the activity and set a timer. Have special toys that you only get out when it’s time for your newborn baby and sibling to play on their own. Another tip is to make a drawer accessible to your older child of baby items and make them your special helper. In addition, you can empower them to do things on their own by putting cups, plates, diapers, towels, etc for them to do.

Tips and Tricks for your Newborn Session

For your newborn baby and sibling session, I understand that we work on a different timetable and have little control over that. Depending on the situation, we may start with sibling photos. Some children are very excited by new visitors and eager to share. Or perhaps nap time is coming up and attitudes are better when we arrive than later in the day. If maybe warming up to the idea is a better solution, that is fine too! As soon as your newborn baby starts getting attention, usually siblings want in on the action.

Last, sometimes bribes are necessary. However, I like to use small, chewable bribes that are easy to photoshop out. Raisins, cheerios, fruit snacks, puffs, cheesitz or M & M’s are usually the best. They also can easily be placed on the baby to get your older child closer. And don’t worry! We will get some adorable and lovely photos of your newborn baby and siblings that you will cherish for years to come.

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