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Introducing Your Furbaby To Your Newborn

Baby Ellie is such a sweetheart! She slept through most of our session and never made a fuss as we changed her, posed her, and moved her all around. With did this session in the family’s home, so it was mostly a lifestyle session, with a few simple posed sets. Ellie’s parents wanted to include their furbaby in the photos too so they could have a picture with the whole family! The pup was very active and wanted to be a part of everything that was happening. Sometimes, we have to take two photos, one of the baby and one of the dog, and edit them together but we lucked out this time! We played it by ear and had a backup plan, but we ended up being able to get all these photos naturally! The furbaby was very interesting in sniffing, licking, and playing with Ellie but he did still smile for the camera! Babies and dogs may be one of the cutest combos on the planet but first introducing your furbaby to your newborn can be a bit stressful for some. Luckily, I have lots of tips to calm those nerves!

Introducing Your Furbaby To Your Newborn

1. Give your pet a couple of items that your newborn has worn or used. This is a trick you’ve probably heard before but it really is the best one of all. Pets recognize people by smell, so introducing them to your newborn’s scent will ensure that your pet is familiar with your baby and doesn’t see them as a stranger or threat.

2. Practice with a baby doll in bassinets, cribs, and other areas. This will help your dog get used to the new routines and recognize the baby’s spaces.

3. Don’t make a huge deal or fuss over the first introduction. Animals can sense your anxiety and will react accordingly. If you are calm and happy, they are more likely to receive the baby in a calm and happy manner.

4.  Take turns who is with baby and who is with furbaby. Some pups need a lot of attention. Try to have one parent spend time with your pup while the other tends to the baby, and then switch.

5. Consider an outside visit first by going on a walk with the baby in the stroller. Especially for high-energy or easily excitable dogs, this can help tire out your furbaby and then calmly transition into the house.

6. For those first photos with baby and furbaby, do a composite. Composites take the stress out of making sure everyone is perfectly posed and well behaved at the same time. Sometimes we can make a natural photo work, but composites are a sure way of getting everyone in the photo.

I hope this helps you introduce your furbaby to your newborn!

Colorado newborn on floral blanket

Colorado Springs Newborn

newborn baby photographed by professional

baby in newborn wrap with floral headband

baby girl holding felt rainbow

New mother holds baby girl

Castle rock newborn baby

New parents hold baby in home

new parents introduce pet to newborn

Colorado parents introduce dog to newborn

Castle Rock parents introduce furbaby to newborn

Castle Rock parents snuggle with new baby

Mother holds newborn baby

Parents hold new baby girl

New dad hold baby girl

New father holds newborn baby

Monument couple holds newborn in their home

parents get ready to introduce furbaby to newborn

In home photography of newborn baby

furbaby meets newborn for first time

New mom introducing furbaby to newborn

New parents introducing dog to newborn

Colorado Springs baby looks up at parents

Colorado Springs baby looks up at dad

Colorado Springs baby looks up at mom

Colorado parents introducing pet to newborn

Colorado baby and furbaby meet


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