Wedding Weather Change Challenges Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to chose to get married or elope. This is due mostly to the gorgeous views all across the state. Elopements in Colorado are especially unique in wedding weather change challenges. Even if you aren’t hiking, locations like Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand […]

Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie Elopement I’m at Garden of the Gods Park more times than I can keep count but there’s a nearby venue I haven’t visited much. Many aren’t aware of Glen Eyrie Castle nestled on the northside of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Another little known fact is that there are […]

4 seasons of Garden of the Gods elopements It’s no secret that I’m at Garden of the Gods for elopements a lot. At least 1 time a month you can find me at one of my favorite spots (or secret spots) with my clients. However, I work very hard to capture each one as if […]

Getting married is a long tradition throughout cultures around the world. As time goes on, weddings have changed in style and even meaning. Marriage has not just changed with each century but with each decade or even within an unprecedented year like 2020. Before last year, couples were already considering micro-weddings and elopements. However, 2020 […]

Nathan and Brandy wrote their own vows for their Garden of the Gods elopement. They were so heartfelt and made everyone cry (including me!) It’s getting more and more common for people to forgo the standard wedding vows, in lieu of more personalized ones. I can’t even remember the last wedding I photographed where the […]

Kali and Jordan had a big year! Jordan proposed to Kali after he got back from Ranger school. Then, they moved from Georgia to Colorado Springs and had a Christian elopement at Garden of the Gods! What a year, right? These two were so much fun. They were giggling, smiling, and making goofy faces at […]


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