Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie Elopement

Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie Elopement

I’m at Garden of the Gods Park more times than I can keep count but there’s a nearby venue I haven’t visited much. Many aren’t aware of Glen Eyrie Castle nestled on the northside of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Another little known fact is that there are herds of big horn sheep there and they are my spirit animal. I’ve only seen them once at the park because they actually prefer the area around the castle. I like the Big Horn Sheep not so much because I’m hard headed but more because my father died protecting the species. Let me share Chris + Erin’s Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie elopement with you.

Big Horn Sheep and Wild Turkeys

Glen Eyrie Castle is surrounded by the same red and white rocks as Garden of the Gods. We started their elopement at a quiet trailhead. The sky was vibrant blue and made the red rocks brighten with color. After their vows, we went over to the Castle for some portraits. We were rewarded with a flock of wild turkeys and a herd of Big Horn Sheep. As you can see, we were in utter awe that they appeared for this Colorado Springs elopement. As I took photos, however, the rams got super close. So much so that I decided it best to stop taking photos and head to the car.

On the way out we stopped to capture a few shots in the autumn foliage. Even though it was mid October, the colors in Colorado Springs are usually still pretty vibrant and haven’t fallen off the trees. Afterwards, we had just enough time to go to one last place to capture the end of the sunset at an overlook of Garden of the Gods. A perfect end to their Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie elopement. So much to tell for their future wedding stories to family and friends. It couldn’t have been a more perfect Colorado Springs Glen Eyrie Elopement.

* Special note Glen Eyrie Castle is privately owned and is not a venue that is accepting of all type of people, love or religions. This particular elopement was not part of Glen Eyrie’s hosted weddings.






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