Wedding Weather Change Challenges

Wedding Weather Change Challenges

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to chose to get married or elope. This is due mostly to the gorgeous views all across the state. Elopements in Colorado are especially unique in wedding weather change challenges. Even if you aren’t hiking, locations like Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes or Garden of the Gods have pretty much no cover from weather. Wedding weather change challenges are even more compounded when you consider a handful of guests or tourist traffic. In Colorado, we don’t have earthquakes, we don’t have hurricaneswe don’t have alligators. However, Colorado has wildfires, blizzards and moose. All of which can change and happen in 1 day as well.

Roll with the Weather Punches

Luckily, most couples that chose micro-weddings or elopements are adapted to unexpected changes and going with the flow. A plan B is always recommended or at least considered when having your outdoor celebration. When wedding weather changes, we help consider options if your original location isn’t an option. For example, if the location is no longer accessible due to weather, we have a few considerations. First, we can consider other similar locations that have epic views. Many times there are amazing locations, sometimes of the same range, just a few miles away. If the location change isn’t an option, many times we keep our schedules open for date/time changes. We recommend that if Colorado is a destination elopement for you, that you plan on coming out a few days and planning your date earlier in the trip. That way, if weather changes, you can always push the date 12 or 24 hours.

Remember though, even with good weather, low hanging clouds can even obscure that beautiful view. Sometimes you have to roll with the wedding weather change challenges. Of course if those options done work out, we have a network of resources and indoor facilities. There are even some areas that are closer to Denver but still cool settings unique to any day such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre. More often than not though, our couples chose to forge ahead in the face of snow or storms to have the day they dreamed of. We’ll be right there next to you.





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