Newborns on Oxygen It seems like there must be something in the air. This month has beckoned the babies and several have come a month early. Sometimes when this occurs, babies need a little help. This is especially true in Colorado, living at 6,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level. When this happens, this usually […]

Perfect gift for a Pregnant Friend Searching for the perfect gift for a pregnant friend can be so easy these days. New mommas can register just about anywhere for cute little outfits, diapers, technology devices and more. All of these are important and necessary items for a new baby. Although, there may be important wishes […]

How to Thrive while Pregnant Pregnancy can be a beautiful and sentimental time, however, for some of my clients, there are challenges and mixed emotions that come with being pregnant. Even if you have waited years for this little baby, you can still have times you are regretful, overwhelmed or miserable and that is completely […]

Unique Baby Names of 2024 – Newborn Photographer Tips If you have recently gotten the celebratory news that you are pregnant, most likely, the next thing you did was consider baby names. The best thing about finding out that you’re expecting, is that even before knowing what sex you are having, you can start considering […]

Teddy Bear Newborn Photos You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, well here is bear on a chair. lol Just kidding. However, this adorable baby boy sure looks like he’s a stuffed teddy bear on your nursery shelf. In reality though, this teddy bear newborn photos is a digital background and I placed baby Barrett […]

Newborn Baby and Siblings – Tips and Tricks When you have a newborn baby, everything is new. Learning to feed, diaper, sleep, take on trips etc is nothing that you learn in school. However, when you have a second baby, although you know how to take care of one baby, you have to learn to […]


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