Unique Baby Names of 2024 – Newborn Photographer Tips

Unique Baby Names of 2024 – Newborn Photographer Tips

If you have recently gotten the celebratory news that you are pregnant, most likely, the next thing you did was consider baby names. The best thing about finding out that you’re expecting, is that even before knowing what sex you are having, you can start considering names. Believe me, both of you have strong opinions, whether good or bad, about names. As a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, I see a broad gamut of interesting and unique names. So, I want to share some of my favorite and most memorable with you. Here are the most unique baby names of 2024 – from a newborn photographer.

Popular Baby Name Trends

Most recently, I have seen a comeback in names that I would classify as traditional or turn of the century back. First of all, there are ones like Esther, Olivia, Amelia, Francis, Victoria which are all names I would expect to hear on Bridgerton. Of course, some Regional names and Trends I find more common from the Colorado area. For these names for a girl I see Hazel, Willow, Rose, Dahlia, Everly, Lucy, Poppy, Sage, Aspen, Denali and Zetta. When I was in middle school, I thought I would name my daughter Winter Rose lol. I have 2 boys, so that was never really on the table.
Perhaps, it’s because I knew early on I was going to have a boy that I found choosing names much more difficult. In my case, I wanted to pay tribute to my father who passed away when I was very little at the age of five. So my first son’s name incorporates my father’s name in his middle name and my second son’s name incorporates my husband’s father into his middle name.
However, I love hearing all the adorable little boy names that could have been for my boys. Furthermore, I have also seen a resurgence in much older style names that are making a comeback. I know Theodore, Atticus, Oliver, Lucas/Luka, Thomas, Hudson, Aidan, Noah, Nolan, Bennett, Beckham, Abner, Rory and Elijah are very popular. Never the less, if you are searching for a more unique or Colorado brand of boy names, here are some of my personal favorite unique names. Zebulon, Asher, River, Rowan, Breck, Knox, Soren, Brooks, Thor, Storm, Birch, Rocky, Hawk, Corwin, Levi or Hendrix.

Which are your favorite?

Of course, popular celebrities naming their children or their names in general also heavily influence names we see. I would not be surprised to see some boy Kelce or Taylor girls this year. There’s also Sparrow, Reign, Saint, Kal-El or Birdie. Or if you are inspired by literary characters like Aslan or Galadriel or Mowgli. What names and why are you considering for your new little one? While you are planning the start of the story for this tiny baby, let’s start planning what you want your maternity photos to look like as well as newborn portraits. They will be here before you know it!
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