Spring Family Portraits – Cherry Blossoms

Unpopular opinion! Spring might just be my favorite time for family portraits. I know Colorado has so much to offer in the summer, fall, and winter and I know how popular fall colors are for family photos but I just love the spring! I love when the trees are blooming with colorful flowers and everyone is so excited to get back outside after a long winter. We even took our own family photos with spring blossoms this year! The first set of photos here is my own family, followed by the lovely Hayes family.

The thing is, these beautiful blossoms don’t hang around for long. Just like with the fall colors, the key is to plan in advance! The trees in Colorado bloom for two to three weeks at the most and they’re pretty tricky to predict. Plus, a late snowfall can destroy them. We got super lucky this year because we didn’t get any bad storms. Plus, all the trees around Denver and Colorado Springs bloomed at different times, which extended the season.

Spring Family Portraits – Cherry Blossoms

A couple more things about Colorado pretty trees: they aren’t actually cherry blossoms. They are a few different species of flowering trees. There are white ones and pink ones as well. Sometimes, we will also find bushes with pink buds too. They look great in combination with the white trees. Also, these trees are not native to Colorado so you will usually find them in city parks and suburban areas, where they have been planted. I make sure to take these photos every year, so I know the best spots no matter what part of the Front Range you’re in and how to time my sessions so that we get the best color. Oh, and one last thing: If you have seasonal allergies, be sure to take lots of allergy medicine before your session! I promise the beautiful photos you get will be worth the runny nose!

Colorado mother and son with pink flowers

Spring Family Portraits with mother and son

Spring Family Portraits with cherry blossoms

Spring Family Portraits with blossoming flowers

mother and son with blossoming flowers

mother and sons in springtime

Colorado spring family portrait

father and sons in springtime

Colorado father and sons portrait

Colorado Springs family portrait

Colorado family photos

mother and son with pink flowers

Family portraits at Colorado park

two kids and dog at Colorado park

Siblings at Colorado park in spring

Colorado mother and daughter

Colorado father and daughter

Colorado Springs father and daughter

Colorado Springs family portraits

Colorado Springs mother and daughter

Colorado family at city park

Colorado family at urban park

Colorado family at park in spring

family at Colorado park

Family at Colorado park in spring

Colorado Springs couple

Colorado family in the springtime with flowering trees


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