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Three Generations of Incredible Women

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer (Lymphoma Mantle Cell B). This is, of course, devastating news for anyone to hear. I wanted to do something for my friend, Patty, and help in any way I could. She decided that throughout the year, she would like to be photographed through her progress in a more documentary manner. Patty also wanted some more celebratory photos. We set up a session, in my studio, with her, her daughter, and her mother. Three generations of incredible women. Patty is about to enter the next stage of treatment and wanted to do the photo session before that. She dawned her wig, Farrah, in preparation for loosing most of her hair and wanted photos of herself with this new style.

Three Generations of Incredible Women

When Patty came into my studio, with her daughter and mother, she was upbeat and happy. That was the exact feeling we wanted to portray in these photos. We took lots of bright and vibrant photos of the three of them. Patty also wanted lots of photos of just her and her daughter. They put on some cute scarves and outfits that had been gathering dust and we did some fun photos of the two of them. At the end of the session, we did some beautiful portraits of Patty by herself. She grabbed a burberry scarf for a more elegant look. Isn’t she just stunning!

The bond of women is so strong and I think it’s most apparent between mothers and daughter. They may fight and disagree sometimes, but they’ll always have that beautiful connection. I love capturing these bonds between family members and loved ones. I’ll be documenting Patty’s fight against cancer and I hope you’ll join me in wishing and praying for her recovery.

Three Generations of Incredible Women

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