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A Two-Year-Old’s Dream Birthday

Alex is one lucky little boy. For his second birthday, his parents booked a photo session, and he got to spend the day doing awesome stuff. We started out in the studio, where he got to be the center of attention and play with toys. Then we went outside, where he could run around ’til his heart’s content. He got to snuggle and play with mommy, daddy, and his doggy too. After all that, he had a special surprise waiting for him. His parents got him dressed up in his Carhartt coveralls and then they gave him his birthday present. A brand new John Deere tractor! He got to ride on it right away and with his dog in the back too! I’m pretty sure this is a two-year-old’s dream birthday!

A Two-Year-Old’s Dream Birthday

Like a lot of toddlers, Alex was a little hesitant and distracted when he came in.  He was pretty high energy and just did not want to sit still. Sometimes with kiddos, we have to pull out our whole bag of tricks.  Luckily, I have a lot of goodies stored in there! 🙂 First, we tried some music to calm him down. Then we gave him some toys to play with, some snacks to eat, and some games. It took almost all of those to get some of these sweet shots from this rambunctious kid. We were able to fit a few new family photos in, even with their little dog, who was a bit distracted and rambunctious too.  And we ended the session with his 2-year birthday present, the awesome John Deere tractor. I just love the Carhartt overalls he wore for those last shots!

In the studio, we did a few different sets, a wood background, and a colorful pattern. Plus we used a whole bunch of props. Just outside my studio, is some gorgeous land with grasses, trees, and mountain views. We didn’t have to go far to get both studio and outdoor shots. I love that my studio is able to offer so much variety, all in one convenient location!

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Two-Year-Olds Dream Birthday

Two year old studio portraits


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