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Savannah’s Children’s Portraits

A lot of times parents will come to me wanting children’s portraits but they’re afraid that their child won’t behave or smile for the photos. When Savannah’s mom contacted me about a portrait session, she warned me that her daughter might not like getting pictures taken. She was definitely right. Lol! Savannah was not happy in the studio so we took the session outside. Sometimes, kids are more comfortable outside and in the open, than in the unfamiliar space of my studio. Luckily, my studio in Monument, Colorado is right next to some land for kids to run around in and it makes for some gorgeous portraits as well!

Savannah’s Children’s Portraits

Since I knew Savannah might be a bit difficult to photograph, I was able to prepare for her session well. I went out and bought some carnation flowers before the session and hid them in the field around my studio. When it became clear that Savannah would not be happy in the studio, we went outside to “pick” some fowers. This really helped her warm up to me. Plus, mama was there the whole time, helping her feel comfortable. I love the photos we got with her snuggling up to and playing with her mom. Sometimes, the best place to be is in mama’s arms.

Eventually, Savannah got comfortable enough that we decided to head back into the studio to get a few more portraits of her. She did end up letting me take some studio portraits of her, but not without all her stuffed animals too! Lol! Photographing children is all about being prepared for anything and adapting as we go. Not all kids like photos but I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help them warm up to me and feel comfortable. Savannah is such a cutie pie and I love the photos we got.

3 year old holds red flower

mother and daughter walk hand in hand

5 year old girl looks at flower and smiles

Child holds out flower for mother to smell in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs mother holds her daughter who is looking at the camera

mother and daughter snuggle at outdoor photography session

Monument Child and mother look at each other

Young girl poses for Children's Portraits

girl sits for Childrens Portraits at Palmer lake Colorado studioC


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