Milestone Photo Session Girl

Happy Baby Ella

Ella might just be the happiest baby I’ve ever photographed! Last year, I photographed her newborn session and she slept so well for me then. If you want to see those photos, click here for the blog post. We did Ella’s newborn session in the family’s home, and we got lots of photos with her parents and her older brother, Connor. I also got to photograph Connor as a newborn and throughout his first year. This time, it was just little Ella and we did the session in my studio. I loved getting photos of this happy baby!

Happy Baby Ella – Milestone Portraits in Studio

This sweet little girl could not stop smiling through her whole session. She loves sticking her tongue out too so we got lots of fun faces in the photos! In fact, I don’t think we got even one bad photo of her through the whole session. And I just love her spiky hair. She is such a beauty. Ella wasn’t quite ready to sit up so we had her on her back for a little and she can just start to sit up on her own so we got some photos of that. But, little Ella loves being on her tummy, so that was when we got most of our photos. She was so happy on her tummy, squirming around and grabbing anything she could find.

Studio sessions are perfect in the winter when it’s so cold outside.  Plus, I have a wide variety of backdrops, blankets, outfits, and props that all of my studio clients get to use for their session. We were able to do three different looks, that means three studio setups and three outfits. We even squeezed in an extra outfit with the first look. Plus, in the studio, I get to really control the lighting to make sure the little one is lit perfectly. And if babies need a break, I also have lots of little things at the studio to help keep them calm and happy. Of course, we didn’t need to use any of those with Ella because she was just so happy the whole time!

happy baby poses on her belly for photos

happy baby celebrate 6 month old milestone

Colorado Spring baby rolls onto her tummy

baby wearing frilly outfits smiles at the camera

Colorado baby lies on a pink blanket and lace

baby plays with her feet at a colorado portratis studio

6 month old Baby gets photographed in Palmer Lake Colorado studio

Baby girl looks at camera amid purple blankets

baby girl gets photos taken to celebrate turning 6 months old

baby lays on purple blankets and smlies

Colorado Springs baby poses against wood backdrop

Colorado Springs baby poses for Photos

happy baby lies on tummy in Colorado Springs studio

Colorado child dressed in red

Colorado baby wears pearls ans smiles


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