Colorado Springs Newborn Twins

I am so excited to share this amazing session I had with Colorado Springs newborn twins, Everly and Jacob. I don’t normally share this many photos from a session, but this family was so adorable, I just couldn’t resist! Emma was great with her new siblings and we got some really cute photos of the three of them. These twins made things pretty easy for me. Plus, I have some helpful tools to make sure newborn twin sessions flow smoothly. I LOVE photographing multiples!

Colorado Springs Newborn Twins

Newborn sessions with twins flow a bit differently than with one baby. When I get multiples in my studio, we make sure the session flows smoothly by alternating each baby between feeding and being photographed. For this session, we started with portraits with their parents and sibling so that everyone was fresh. Emma was super cooperative but sometimes, when we get younger siblings their attention spans are really short. Because of this, we try to get photos of them right away before they lose interest and get cranky.

Jacob and Everly slept great at the beginning of their session, so we already had them dressed under their wraps. This way, they were ready to go for the first set of posed portraits, and we didn’t have to bother them by changing their outfits right away. We did some blanket poses with them both together and individually. As we did individual photos, one of the babies woke up. It was perfect timing because we could just continue with the sleeping sibling. Then we traded babies off between feeding and being in front of the camera. This works out really well and gives us a lot of photos of them together as well as separate. We ended with some basket photos to get them back to sleep but they were pretty done by then and still hungry.

Colorado Springs family portrait with newborn twins

Colorado mother with newborn baby

Monument parents with twin newborns

Black Forrest father with newborn baby

sibling portrait with boy girl twins

Colorado sibling portrait with newborn twins

Colorado sibling portrait with twin babies

Colorado parents pose with newborns for portrait

Colorado newborn photographer family portrait

Newborn twins cuddling together

Twin newborns sleeping together

Colorado twin newborn babies

colorado springs newborn twins side by side

Photograph of colorado springs twin newborns

Monument colorado newborn portrait

Black Forest Colorado newborn portrait

Colorado baby girl portrait

Colorado baby boy portrait

Colorado baby boy photography

Colorado baby boy photos

Colorado springs newborn with blue stuffed elephant

monument newborn with blue stuffed elephant

Colorado springs baby girl photography

Colorado springs baby girl photos

monument baby girl photography

denver baby girl photography

Palmer lake baby girl photography

Palmer lake baby girl photos

Palmer lake baby twins

Palmer lake colorado newborn twins


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