So you have literally planned this day for months.  Every detail from the menu cards to a 4 course meal.  When you think about it even where people will stand and what they will say at what time. Yet, when the wedding day comes it is INEVITABLE that you will forget something.  It is because you have so much on your plate.  Of course it will be something REALLY IMPORTANT.  Never fails.

I have seen it time and time again. Usually, there are family or friends that can bail out a situation but it still creates a lot of headache that no bride wants on their 1 perfect day.  And heaven forbid it’s not something that can’t be easily fixed.  So I have created a simple checklist of items that most every bride (or groom) needs on their wedding day, but must not forget!

Items not to forget on your wedding day


#1 YOUR VOWS – If you typed or wrote out your own personal vows that took you months to write, definitely do not forget those!  You will regret not having the perfect wording you wrote (or stole off the internet – jk!)  And write them out, don’t use a phone.  First, you don’t want an incoming call to interrupt your moment.  Second, handwritten vows are a lovely Memento from the day to save.

Bride writing her vows

#2 WEDDING RINGS & LICENSE – Now generally people don’t sign these as part of the ceremony, but in some states this can be a big deal.  It may be required to have the proper individuals sign and send the license in for you.  Make sure to bring it and then have a responsible person take it from you for safe keeping. Regardless, if you forget your wedding rings, that will be noticed.  Not only are they needed for the ceremony but for pictures and because everyone will ask to see them.

#3 EMERGENCY KIT – I know wedding planners that are constantly adding to this kit.  For them, headlamps are an essential item (for weird variety of reasons and stories).  Though for you this would include: bobby pins, eyelash glue, sewing kits, safety pins, tide pens, lint brushes, advil, tampons, mints, etc.

Bride's shoes, rings and jewelry

#4 IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS – This is especially important for destination brides or couples honeymooning straight from the wedding to their destination.  Even if you aren’t traveling, you may need your ID for a variety of reasons (if you want to drink or have to drive).  So make sure you have your tickets, passport, ID or anything else you will need for the wedding or thereafter.

#5 LETTER/GIFT for PARTNER – If you are doing a gift or letter exchange with your soon to be spouse, you’ll need to bring it wrapped and ready.  Next, have a trusted member of the bridal party deliver it.  Don’t forget to let your photographer know about it and be ready to capture reactions!

#6 GUY ACCESSORIES – Though rarely do we mention the men, I find they are fairly clueless to what they need for wearing a suit or tux.  This actually applies to all the groomsmen.  For instance, they need to know that they need to bring black socks, or a white undershirt.  Hopefully they knew about the underwear part.  In addition, make sure they ACTUALLY tried on their suits and all the items were there BEFORE the wedding day.  I’ve had AT LEAST 3 weddings where 1 person’s pants were missing.

Groom's wedding details on log

#7 SPECIAL UNDERGARMENTS – A lot of ladies took great care to get new panties for the day, or of course the garter.  Perhaps you need a stick-on bra for your dress or tattoo coverup.  Make sure these items made it into your preparation bag.

#8 FINISHING DETAILS – This is a wildcard one but I also see this a lot.  Couples waiting until the day of the wedding to get the DJ “their song.” Or a special trinket that they want attached to their wedding bouquet.  Even your wedding jewelry, veil, belt or shoes.  As well, this would include your something OLD, NEW, BORROWED and BLUE.

#9 TOILETRIES – Yes, I know you probably left the house completely fresh but a wedding day can take a toll on you, even after a few hours.  So bring the toothbrush, dry shampoo, deodorant, wipes and makeup if you aren’t hiring a professional.

#10 CROCHET HOOK & DIAGRAMS – I’m sure you are confused by this last one.  First, the crochet hook is needed for many dresses that have the button backs on wedding dresses.  Those loops are tiny for fingers and the hook expedites the entire process.  Moreover, if you had alterations done for a bustle, most seamstresses provide a diagram on how to assemble it.  Trust me as there are a multitude of ways to do a bustle.  Harder now that everyone is drunk to boot.  In addition, if you have selected a bow tie for the groom or groomsmen, make sure they have a video or diagram on how to tie one.  Very few actually know how!

Bride in front of Mining Exchange hotel

Now that you have this list, you can put it all together in one large tote and sit back with a glass of wine because you are going to have the perfect wedding day full of your life’s happiest (stress-free) memories!



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