Kid’s Pandemic Activity Ideas

We’ve all been home for months and now, with no school, no camps, no daycare, and no family vacations your kids might be driving you a little crazy. Okay, okay, a lot crazy! A lot of us are still working at home while trying to keep our kids entertained and out of trouble. Plus, it’s summer! I swear, my kids know when summer starts and they get even crazier. Over the past few months, I have had to come up with so many ideas to keep my kids occupied so I could get some work done or maybe even have a minute of alone time. What’s alone time again? Haha! I thought I’d share my most successful ideas for how to keep your kids occupied during a pandemic. These ideas are great for babies, toddlers, and little kids. Here’s a list of kid’s pandemic activity ideas to keep your kids occupied when they can’t go anywhere!

Kid’s Pandemic Activity Ideas

  1. Watch GoNoodle and do exercises. GoNoodle is a YouTube channel that has silly and fun videos that get kids exercising.
  2. Get glass “rocks” from a craft store and use them for playing with dump trucks or treasure hunts for kids. Honestly it’s great for sand boxes or kinetic sand and inside or outside because they are easy to clean.
  3. Kinetic sandbox. Take a Tupperware under-bed plastic bin (low to the ground and long) and filled with sand and race cars, monster trucks, etc.  They can make ramps, race tracks and play for hours.
  4. Lego block builds. This one is great for every age!
  5. Water beads. They are super small and then expand to become a sensory play experience.  I like to take cups, spoons and measuring utensils for them to pour and scoop the balls.
  6. Make crafts for friends and family, like Popsicle stick flowers for a winter garden. This is a great way to get ahead on holiday gifts from the kids.
  7. Outdoor Easter egg hunt without prizes (because it isn’t Easter) or treasure hunt/scavenger hunt with them.
  8. Obstacle courses or simple playground equipment in your yard. You can make this a competition between the kids or time them to see how fast they can complete the course. I’ve even seen obstacle courses drawn with chalk.
  9. Paint rocks with inspirational messages, then hide them around your neighborhood for others to find.
  10. Slip and slide or water table fun. This is perfect for those really hot days.
  11. Build a fort. This can be a pillow fort or an outdoor fort made of fallen branches.
  12. Use play food for a drive-through lemonade stand or pretend grocery store.
  13. Fly a kite. There are even kits out there so your kids can make their own kites to fly at the Dollar store.
  14. Stack cups and try bowling in the living room.
  15. Make structures and play with magnets.  We even have a metal fire door to our garage and have magnets to play with on there (or a fridge).

Helpful Activities

  1. Baking helpers. They’ll be very excited about the end result.
  2. Start a chores chart for rewards/motivation.
  3. Car wash.
  4. Start a garden. Little kids can dig in dirt and water plants while the older kids help plant, weed, and harvest.

Educational Activities

  1. Go for a hike. Kids can identify different local plants along the way.
  2. Do science experiments.
  3. Learning time. Pick one thing to learn about per day… science, math, anatomy, etc.
  4. Chalk painting and learning. Kids can use chalk to learn in so many ways from doing math problems on the sidewalk to blending colors.
  5. Dry erase writing and drawing practicing writing their name or drawing an animal etc.

These absolutely adorable photos are of some of my favorite kids, Lilly and Zeb. This was actually the last session I did before the quarantine. I’ve watched them both grow up since birth and I am so glad I was able to capture these before everything got crazy. Do you have any other kid’s pandemic activity ideas that worked for you? Add them in the comments below!

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