Newborn Photographers in Colorado Springs: Take your own baby photos

Newborn photographers in Colorado Springs: During Covid-19 How to take your own newborn photos

Newborn Photographers in Colorado Springs: How to take your own newborn photos – COVID-19

As I sit at my desk typing this post, it feels surreal to even admit our new normal.  Within the last few weeks we have slipped into an unbelievable reality due to COVID-19. Unlike a forest fire, tornado or even war, it has blanketed all parts of the world. Any person in any country is aware of its existence and ramifications. Due to the disease, here in Colorado, our state has mandated many precautions. One of those being that no visitors, doulas or photographers will be present for births due to supplies and exposure risk. Another restriction is for non-essential facilities to close until April 30, 2020 (at the time of this post). This means that as a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, I cannot capture those first precious, fleeting moments of your tiny baby.

This absolutely breaks my heart. Unlike a wedding, pregnancy and labor cannot be rescheduled or postponed.  However, becoming a parent, or adding another member to your family is life changing. In addition, your baby will never again be that small and that time cannot be recovered. Nevertheless, I don’t want anyone to not be able to have at least a handful of photos of their baby. Even if this means passing on some of my tips and tricks of newborn photography. My wish is that this blog post will at the very least provide new parents some beautiful photos of their babies now. As soon as it is safe and the mandate is lifted, I will be offering newborn-like photos to babies as old as 3 months. It is not impossible and I have plenty of experience with NICU or older babies that were unable to come in within the first 2 weeks of birth.

newborn baby boy on oxygen

Take your baby’s photos – I’ll edit them

In addition, another service I’ll be offering as a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs is editing! If you took some photos of your baby but need help with acne removal, distracting objects or smoothing wraps, I will be offering edits of your photos for $25 each. You can email me to find out more at For the best results, please make sure you set your camera file type to RAW and not jpg.  I can work with cellphone photos as well though.  Or I can do a composite image of your baby on a background that I already have for $40 like this Easter photo example.

Below are a few videos that I created to illustrate the easiest way to capture photos of just your baby as well as photos of you with baby, you and your partner and even an older sibling. Furthermore, I am also including a video on how to effectively AND beautifully swaddle your baby. If you have any questions that pertain to this information or newborn photographers in Colorado Springs, please contact me at 719-433-8918 or


Before and After newborn photos Easter

Newborn photography in COVID-19 pandemic

How to photograph your newborn baby at home in quarantine.

Tip #1

Find the best location in your house. For baby alone, this generally means an area with a wood floor, if possible, between windows on opposite sides of your home. However, a smaller room with a white wall will work well as a reflector. If you don’t have wood floors to use, consider some fabric or even a scarf to use.  For photos with your partner or family, try to find a blank wall near a window with diffuse light.

Tip #2

This is where you scour your home for things you already have that you can use for props or wraps.  Newborn photographers frequently use jersey knits which are stretchy for wrapping babies.  When searching for a posing container prop, considering looking for shallow baskets or wooden bowls or crates. You want to make sure to add weights (flat 5-10 lbs) in the bottom of the container for stability.  To keep your baby comfortable and safe consider bags of rice to use to prop up their head and hands or a stable pose. Furthermore, rolled up pillowcases or swaddles are acceptable as well.

Tip #3

Typically, you’ll want some more texture in the prop to cover up the pillowcases or rice bags. Great stuffers can be small weaves of yarn, fur, fabric or even scarves. These can be used under or around the prop as well as inside or to wrap the baby. Also grab a few sentimental items like a small lovey, homemade blanket or bonnet or hairpiece to include in a few photos.

Tip #4

Be sure that baby is safe. Newborn photographers have a lot of experience watching for any distress signals. This means having adequate padding and support for baby, making sure wraps are snug but not causing distress, overheating or blue coloring. Never leave your baby unattended this way and if possible, have someone nearby to help.

Tip #5

Newborn photographers are experienced and trained to do many poses. Poses in this tutorial should be strictly on baby’s back with support under their neck, on their side or on their tummy with support under their head and torso (and for a short time). Never attempt a potato sack, froggy pose or other advanced pose. When photographing, make sure that baby’s face is facing towards the light and avoiding shadows on their face, eyes, etc.

Tip #6

Make sure to get creative with each setup to have a little bit of variety. Just as newborn photographers, take different perspectives such as wide from above, close from the side, with hands wrap and a bonnet, or with hands out and showing hair. Then, for example, you can leave baby wrapped but add a different color wrap and switch out wraps or props. Or you can add a lovey and roll them to their side to snuggle with it. Have everything nearby before you start so you don’t have to leave your baby and so you can get creative.

Tip #6

This is where photos get a little harder. When you hire a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, you are given direction on posing with the family and your newborn. In addition, you have someone to push the shutter button. If you have an able family member, have them take the photo or set up a timer. Especially for the photos of all 3 (or more) of you.

Tip #7

When posing with your newborn, try to get them as close to your face as possible and facing the camera. I believe it’s best to go cheek to cheek so that you can see everyone’s face.  Have your partner stand behind and above you if possible, to fill in the space over your baby’s head and your shoulder. If you are posing with a toddler or older sibling, take turns holding each child separately. Have bribes nearby (small ones like raisins or M&M’s) and don’t expect too much from them. Play games to hide treats on baby and make it fun for them. Last, consider having a stool or crate for them to stand on to make it easy to include them in the photo without breaking weight restrictions.

Tip #8

Most newborn photographers will keep babies wrapped for family photos. Consider coordinating with complementary colors and keeping outfits simple. The best are long sleeve solid color shirts with no collars, buttons, logos or zippers and a crew or v-neck. I also as a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs advise all my clients to avoid big earrings, necklaces or any other distracting accessories. The focus should be on the people in the photos, not the clothes.

I want to say to all the mothers and fathers out there who are struggling and frightened in this time that my heart aches for you.  It aches for your loss of the baby shower, birth story and picture-perfect memorialization of parenthood and your baby. I know it’s different than what you pictured or dreamed but try instead to enjoy this quiet time with your newborn and family. Convince yourself it’s mandatory maternity/paternity leave and not a pandemic quarantine. When this is all over and done, I will be here to carry on your story and document the days and milestones to come.

Videos of How to Take your Newborn Photos

I am Katie Corinne Photography and I am a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs but also serving Black Forest, Monument and Castle Rock.  Here are the videos to help you take your own photos:


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Easter background newborn photos
Newborn baby photos in pandemic

baby photos during COVID-19 recreation



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