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Spruce Mountain Ranch Weddings

This year, I’ve been looking back through all the weddings I’ve photographed and I wanted to put together a blog post highlighting one of my favorite wedding venues. I always love photographing Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings! The sweeping views are unbeatable and you can really put your own style into the venue in order to make it your own. There are so many great reasons to get married at this gorgeous wedding venue.

One of the reasons I love Spruce Mountain Ranch is because it is so adaptable to every couple. No two weddings I’ve photographed there look the same. They actually have two separate venues, Ponderosa and Albert’s Lodge. That way, they can have two weddings a day and no one will run into each other, be rushed, out or end up in the background of each other’s photos! It is also open all year long so you can have a wedding here in any season. Plus, its one of the larger Colorado wedding venues so if your guest list keeps growing, this is a good place to take a look at.

Spruce Mountain Ranch Weddings

What I really love about this venue is that each couple can put their unique style into it and really make it their own. For instance, Anjali and Carl had a traditional Indian wedding in August, with about 200 people. They had rich, bright details everywhere and ended the night with a huge party! Kayla and Nick‘s wedding couldn’t have been more different! They had a snowy January wedding (and yes they got married outside in the winter. It was actually pretty warm for January!) with an elegant, grey color scheme. It was classic and timeless.

Corie and Ryan had a late spring wedding with a boho-chic vibe. Their day was light and airy and full of bright, spring florals. They brought their two amazing dogs with them too! Jaclyn and Chris also had their Spruce Mountain wedding in the spring. However, theirs was a black-tie event with formal, elegant details. Chris and his groomsmen even wore full tuxedos! Kelsey and Canaan‘s June wedding was full of glitz and glam! There were sparkles and gold everywhere. They even got married under an outdoor chandelier!

I’ve loved each and every wedding I’ve photographed at Spruce Mountain Ranch and they were all so unique and so beautiful. What is your wedding style? Could you see yourself getting married here too?

Couple walks together at Albert's Lodge wedding

Wedding reception at Spruce Mountain ranch

Colorado couple kiss at summer wedding

Couple walks down aisle at traditional Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

Colorado couple exit ceremony at late summer wedding

bride and groom in August weddings at Spruce Mountain ranch

Colorado summer wedding decor at Colorado ranch venue

Colorado Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings reception decor

Lush bright Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings reception details

bold colorful Indian wedding in August

Colorado couple at gorgeous mountain wedding venue

summer wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Ponderosa wedding nighttime couples portraits

bride at winter mountain wedding

Colorado couple at winter Rocky Mountain wedding

Groomsmen at winter Spruce mountain ranch weddings

Colorado newlyweds at Spruce Mountain ranch in January

Colorado newlyweds surrounded by Christmas lights at Ponderosa ranch wedding

winter wedding couple surrounded by evergreens at classic ranch wedding

Colorado couple at spring Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

snowy newlywed photos at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Spring wedding bouquet at Colorado wedding

Spring wedding couple by pond at mountain wedding

Rustic wedding details at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Wedding rings on lily pad at Colorado spring mountain wedding

Boho chic bridal party at Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings

Colorado wedding venue with dogs

spring newlywed couple at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Spring wedding photography at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Groomsman in vests at airy summer Spruce Mountain ranch weddings

Boho Chic Colorado couple at spring ranch wedding

Classic newlyweds at summer Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings


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