Quarantine Activities For Babies

Last month, I did a blog post of activity ideas for young kids. Today, I wanted to do a post full of quarantine activities for babies. I know a lot of us are stay at home parents, maybe for the first time. A lot of people are still working from home while trying to keep their kids entertained. And childcare options are not the same as they were before the pandemic. If you are at home with your little one and trying to get some work done or just looking for new ideas to keep your baby entertained, this list is for you!

Quarantine Activities For Babies

  1. Tummy time to strengthen their neck muscles and help them learn to roll and crawl.
  2. Play gyms (they lie on the floor on their back and things usually hang above their heads).
  3. Jumperoos. They are worth the money but only last for about 3 months so maybe buy used.
  4. Laundry basket and balls for a personal ball pit.
  5. Hard or soft Plastic container of wipes. Babies love the sound the soft container provides and putting anything in the hard containers… bracelets, spoons, etc., provide loads of entertainment. Or the wipes themselves depending on how extravagant you are. Lol!
  6. Food. Giving babies new food in new consistencies is a great way to entertain and enrich them. Apple sauce and apple chips. Sweet potato french fries and puree. You can even cut them into shapes for learning or counting.
  7. Sensory Bins. These are usually best if they are food or items that aren’t choking hazards. Ribbons, velcro, and paper towel rolls work well. Or a bowl full of cheerios with graham cracker dust, or pasta noodles with goldfish crackers, or raisins with a large cold carrot (great for teething).
  8. Blocks or cups to stack.
  9. Mirrors. Babies love to look at themselves but it might be better to find one that isn’t real glass.
  10. Stacking and nesting cups/bowls. We still have ours and they use them in the bathtub now.
  11. A simple ramp/slide. Show them a toy car or ball going down and they’ll be amazed at the magic.
  12. An empty plastic juice bottle and wooden spoon, or anything that makes different kinds of noises when hit.  Or fill it with rice.
  13. Board books. Babies love books that they can peruse themselves.
  14. Push toys or toys with incentives to sit up or kneel on. One of the favorite toys for both of my boys was a music stand with a mirror and buttons for instruments but they preferred to play while kneeling or at least sitting up.
  15. Bubbles. Who doesn’t love bubbles?

Quarantine Activity Ideas to Skip

  1. Baby swings that hang from the doorways. We never found a doorway that would work for these.
  2. Anything that doesn’t have an “off” switch. You’ll thank me later. Lol!
  3. Musical instruments. These are better for older kids.
  4. Lots of stuffed animals. They usually get pretty dirty from slobber and babies rarely “cuddle” with them until they are older.
  5. Any containers that used to contain hazardous items, like laundry or dishwasher pods. First, you have to get the chemical out of the container to make it safe. Also, you don’t want the child to associate play with a similar container that has harmful materials in it normally.

Do you have any more ideas for quarantine activities for babies? Leave them in the comments!

Quarantine Activities For Babies

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