Digital Newborn Backgrounds

I loved photographing Baby Selah in her home! With in-home newborn sessions, sometimes it’s a little more limited in the sets and poses we can do. Don’t worry though! I have some very creative solutions. For some of these portraits, I used my digital newborn backgrounds. I have a variety of these backgrounds that I can photoshop newborns onto.

These are perfect for in-home newborn sessions because we can take the photos on a portable posing pillow and add in the background later. I always try to match the lighting and angles when I take these portraits, so I make sure to plan out which photos will be used with which backdrops. Matching the blanket color and props also helps make the final product look completely seamless. For this session, three of the photos use these backgrounds. Can you tell which ones they are? These backgrounds mean I can get more variety in one session. It also means we can create images that would be too dangerous to do in real life, like having a newborn hanging in a swing or high up on a chair.

Digital Newborn Backgrounds – Baby Selah

I am so happy with the family portraits we took with Baby Selah. Mom wanted to do the portraits of them laying down with her hair out, and I love how it turned out with the two of them and the flowers. I also love the portrait of Selah with her two older brothers. It is so beautiful to see the bond forming between these three. I just know those two boys are going to be so loving and protective of their baby sister.

Selah was so expressive and smiley throughout our session, although I did still get some beautiful sleeping shots too. She had so many different faces for me and my camera to capture. We did a bunch of different outfits and sets too to make sure there was plenty of variety. Mom even had a custom swaddle with Selah’s name on it, so we had to get some with that. It was so cute!

baby girl on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado Springs baby on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado Springs newborn

Colorado Springs newborn girl

Colorado Springs baby girl on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado baby girl on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado newborn girl on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado baby on digital newborn backgrounds

Colorado Springs newborn in studio

Colorado newborn with older siblings

Colorado newborn on digital newborn backgrounds


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