Monument Colorado Family Session

Some families get professional portraits done every year. They make holiday cards in time for them to be sent out before Christmas. They pick out different coordinating outfits each season. Some families have their sh*t together. Some don’t. Okay, let’s be honest, most don’t. And that’s okay! My family does not fall into that first category either. Lol! But sometimes families skip photos for years… and years… and years. All of a sudden they realize they haven’t had family photos in a decade and their kids are about to move out! It’s okay if you’re not the family that has all of their ducks in a row but don’t be the family that never got portraits done either. This gorgeous family was almost one of those families. Their kids were growing up and they suddenly realized it had been quite a while since they had photos taken all together. But then, they booked me for a Monument, Colorado family session!

Monument Colorado Family Session

I think a lot of families skip family sessions and rely on school portraits instead. Don’t get me wrong, school portraits are great for seeing how your kids are growing up and how their looks and style are changing. But those photos are missing a lot of important things. For one, you aren’t in them! They don’t show your whole family together. They don’t show how you interact together as a family and they don’t show the parents. Yes, parents are an important part of family photos! Not to get too dark here, but how will your kids feel after you’ve passed and they don’t have any professional photos with you in them?

Secondly, school portraits don’t really show your kids’ personalities. Let’s be honest, they’re a bit generic. Sometimes there are dress codes they have to follow and they have to be posed the same way every year. They do a great job of showing a child getting older, but they don’t show how they have changed personality-wise. I am so glad this family did their Monument, Colorado session with me. Now, they have these beautiful memories of them all together before they head off to college or out into the world on their own. That’s what family photography is all about.

Monument Colorado Family Session

Monument Colorado Family Photography

Monument Colorado Family Photographer

Monument Colorado Family Photos

Siblongs pose for photos in woods

Family poses for pictures by trees

Family has photos taken in grove


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