How to Hire a Secret Proposal Photographer

How to Hire a Secret Proposal Photographer

Proposals have changed a lot in the 21st century and for that matter the last few centuries. Today, proposals have evolved more to storytelling and a memorable experience. Probably the biggest change is the public display and documentation of the proposal by a photographer. However, since the trend is relatively new in the culture (2015 ish), it can be hard to know where to start on planning the proposal. The best part is, once you find a great planner or photographer, the rest is fairly easy. Here is how to hire a secret proposal photographer and propose to your partner.

Notably, of course, why do many people opt to have their proposal documented? Quite honestly, I believe it stems from modern dating culture. Decades ago, there were stories of “how I met your mother/father” with quirky, happenchance meetings and falling in love. Today, though, most couples utilize online dating sites for matches or do some social media digging before meeting a person. In addition, not all first dates were home runs, magical or led to encounters that you wouldn’t divulge to your young kids or acquaintances. So the proposal story, many times, becomes the story that is told repeatedly.

First, find a good time and location for the proposal, preferably, with significance to the two of you. You’ll want to consider not being rushed, if it will be private or public and other logistics. Ring production timing, travel time, occasion and scale of your vision are all good to have a general outline on. Then, you can start to search for highly rated professionals and hire a secret photographer or planner to help you propose. Here are a few helpful questions to consider asking before you book.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Secret Proposal Photographer

“Are you familiar with the location I’ve selected?”

“I would like the proposal to be a surprise. How are you able to accomplish this and get the photos?”

Or “I would like to pretend to have won a free session, but actually propose at the beginning of the session. What’s the best way to do this?”

“I’d like to hike to a location to propose. Is this location attainable and are there any challenges with it?”

“Is the entire session/booking for just the proposal, or are a few engagement photos also taken afterwards?”

“Do we receive a preview shortly afterwards to announce our engagement?”

Plan the Proposal: Hire a Secret Photographer or Session with a Surprise?

After you hire a secret photographer for your proposal, you can collaborate on the important details on how to accomplish it. In general, most of the time proposal photographers are hired to be a secret tourist or invisible part of the landscape. The photographer you hire as a secret proposal photographer should have a longer lens to keep their distance. Ideally, there should be a discreet marker of where to stand for the best vantage point (like a trail marker or painted pinecone). Ask for a pin for the location and consider having a backup for weather or expected crowds. If  you require a more intricate setup, you may want to hire a planner or arrange for the items to be delivered to another setup person, such as a caterer.

Another option, if the proposal is secret but the meetup is not, is to pretend that you won a free photo session. Of course the hired secret proposal photographer will be in on the setup. Before the session, the photographer should tell you how they are going to setup the shot so that your partner has n0 clue. For this particular session, I had told Logan that I would give the cue in the first 5-10 minutes. He wanted Garden of the Gods visible in the background. Since I had to be a good distance away, I told them the 3 poses I was going to have them do while I was across the rocks. The first pose had Avery with her back turned to Logan. The second pose she turned right into him going down on 1 knee and of course said YES!

Have a Tip for Hiring a Photographer or a Proposal Story?

Have a unique proposal story or other tips for hiring a secret proposal photographer? Tell me in the comments!



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