Proposal Questions to Ask Proposing to your partner is so super easy right? Not to mention, there’s really only one questions to ask, right? One question, one answer and its done right? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it is rarely that easy. Not to mention, a majority of partners might want that moment […]

When NOT to Propose Don’t worry, this post isn’t about red flag relationships or why not to get married. I’m assuming you have already seen our tips on how to surprise propose and questions to ask before you do. This advice, however, is a public service announcement on when it probably is not a great […]

Creative Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas Whether you live here year-round or are making your first trip here as a tourist, Colorado Springs has so many opportunities for couples in love. Of course, if you live here year round you may have a few special areas that are significant to you as a couple. However, even […]

How to Hire a Secret Proposal Photographer Proposals have changed a lot in the 21st century and for that matter the last few centuries. Today, proposals have evolved more to storytelling and a memorable experience. Probably the biggest change is the public display and documentation of the proposal by a photographer. However, since the trend […]


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