Proposal Questions to Ask

Proposal Questions to Ask

Proposing to your partner is so super easy right? Not to mention, there’s really only one questions to ask, right? One question, one answer and its done right? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it is rarely that easy. Not to mention, a majority of partners might want that moment documented to look back on and share. If that is the case, I have proposal questions to ask yourself before you ask, will you marry me?

More questions for a surprise proposal

  1. Where would be the perfect spot?  Many of my clients want to incorporate a place that is special to them. Maybe it’s where you had your first date or the school where you met. Another great option is if you will be taking a big vacation or trip and want to do the asking then. Nevertheless, with many of these options there are even more questions to ask yourself. Will there be crowds? Do I need a permit or permission to do this there?
  2. When is the best time? This is also a broad timeframe that you need to detail down. Perhaps on our anniversary? Or maybe Christmas time with family is better? Does your partner love a live event and the spotlight? Or would they do better in a private, romantic setting? Then you need to ask, are there any other events that you need to work around? Day or Night? If it’s at night, how will it be lit or documented that way?
  3. Who needs to know and be involved? A tenet of proposals is usually the asking permission from parents for hand in marriage. Is this important to you or your partner? If it is, you should definitely be asking this question. Another important person is going to be who is going to help me pull this off successfully? As the photographer of many proposals, we often help with minor setup, location selection, storylines and planning.
  4. Telling several stories – which one? Of course you are planning the making of your origin story. This is the story you will tell your children and friends and family of how you proposed. You’ll want it to be a good one of course. However, you will also need a cover/fake story to keep this special moment a surprise? Where are you going? What are you doing? Does it all make sense so they are not suspicious? As well, some of these things you might still want to have planned. If you say you are headed to a fancy dinner with 6pm dinner reservations, you probably ought to still have those dinner reservations. Although this time, they should actually be for 7:30pm.
  5. What is your plan B, C and D? Don’t skip on this one. So many times proposals have to be flexible for plans to line up. Maybe the weather is not cooperating. Or maybe unexpected bad news has soured the mood of your partner for the day. Have back up plans and flexible options so that the right moment can still happen without knocking you back to square one.

Asking yourself these questions will make that final question of, “Will you marry me” so much easier and memorable for you both.

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