Creative Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas

Creative Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas

Whether you live here year-round or are making your first trip here as a tourist, Colorado Springs has so many opportunities for couples in love. Of course, if you live here year round you may have a few special areas that are significant to you as a couple. However, even if you don’t or are visiting for the first time, I have so many creative Colorado Springs proposal ideas for you to propose to your partner.

Broadmoor Dinner and Lights

If you are looking to treat your partner to fine dining and atmosphere, the 5 star Broadmoor Hotel is it! Stay a night (or more) and have a romantic dinner and then maybe propose by the lake or at Christmas against the beautiful twinkling lights. You will want to make sure to reach out to the concierge to get permission but also see what other services they might offer to enhance the experience and moment. Don’t fret if the Broadmoor though is out of your financial means. There are many other places as well in Colorado Springs for a similar experience like Garden of the Gods Resort, MacKenzie’s Chop House or The Magarita at Pine Creek.

Garden of the Gods Park Historic Tour

I’m at Garden of the Gods constantly for sessions as it’s one of the most beautiful places in Colorado Springs. Now, that said, you definitely don’t need a tour guide to enjoy the park. However, taking a tour might be a good distraction to throw off your partner and keep the proposal a surprise. You also can enjoy the Historic Rock Ledge Ranch nearby GOG Park. It borders the park entrance and garden area which can be great if you are looking to meander around and then “find” the perfect spot that you already had picked.

At the Top of Pikes Peak

Going to the top of the world (or pretty close) can make for a fantastic Colorado Springs proposal plan. Although, there are some things you should know and plan for with a Pikes Peak proposal. There are many way to get to the top, but the most popular is driving. Gas up before you go and make a day out of hiking, fishing, wildlife spotting or testing your driving abilities. The Pikes Peak Hill Climb once a year has a professional race to the top as well. Be prepared with lots of water and potentially portable oxygen because this altitude can absolutely affect your mind and body. The temperature is generally at least 30 degrees cooler than in Colorado Springs so absolutely utilize layers. Lastly, the summit is not open to cars before sunrise or after sunset so you will have to settle for later morning, mid day timing.

On the Cog Railway Tour

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway is actually my favorite way to get to the top of Pikes Peak. I have had the pleasure of going a few times (before and after its renovation) and it’s a phenomenal way to experience the top. A few tips to consider in addition to the prep in the aforementioned, parking is tough and it can be a crowded train. This is not a private experience but you might get lucky and book a weekday with terrible weather where a good deal of people may not show for their trip and have more space to yourself. Or wait til you get to the top and read my tips on a Pikes Peak proposal.

On a Picnic at a more private locations

For those who fear the crowds, Colorado Springs has a plethora of trails and hikes for a more private moment and maybe even a picnic adventure. You’ll want to scout for a few options and of course be aware of intensity of the hike and elevation. It can be very different out here with altitude sickness. If you are bringing a picnic, of course you’ll want to practice leave no trace and as well be careful of bear or mountain lion interactions with wildlife. It might be best to have a planner take over the picnic portion logistics.

At a Fancy Tea at a Castle

Colorado Springs also has a few smaller castles that are in the heart of the city where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery as well as have some tea or watch wildlife etc. A few places to check would be Miramont Castle and Glen Eyrie Castle. Not your typical Colorado experience, but a unique one nonetheless. One warning. Glen Eyrie Castle is not an LGBTQ+ friendly location. It is owned by the Navigators and on it’s website it does state it’s opinions and stance on same sex relationships.

Best Colorado Springs Events to Propose

In addition to some of the expected annual events such as Oktoberfest, Colorado Springs has quite a few unique to the city events. You could plan a proposal during the Labor Day Lift Off with loads of hot air balloons in your background. Pikes Peak Hill Climb offers fast cars and tight curves for thrill seekers. Other options like Territory Days and Boo at the Zoo are a bit more conventional. A bit farther than the city is the Ice Festival at Cripple Creek or one of the most unusual, The Emma Crawford Coffin Races. Any of these would be a fun places to pop the question depending on the relationship you two share.

Creative Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas



The Best Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas

The Best Colorado Springs Proposal Ideas

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