The bouquet and garter toss is dead

The bouquet and garter toss is dead

The pandemic brought many changes to our lives but I think it also ushered in new needed changes. This means dropping things we have been hanging on to. App grocery pickup – Yes Please! Traditional in the office work – Gone! In the wedding industry, I have seen a lot of change accelerated by the pandemic. Most of it is authentic change of what couples really want and is important to them. However, it is also far less of some “traditions” and honestly I’m here for it. The biggest one, I am calling it – The bouquet and garter is dead.

Ok, so let’s be real. A lot of American wedding traditions are either borrowed, cheesy or antiquated (and not in a good way). Such as giving the bride away. Well, we’ve glamorized it but it started when women were treated and bartered like property. It was a business transaction but with a grand send off. The bouquet the bride carries was started to cover up the body smell from not bathing for weeks. Who really knows why the bouquet and garter toss became a traditional favorite but I think it has served long enough to be retired.

Now why did some things quickly start to fade during and after the pandemic? Well, of course for one, because events like weddings were put on hold or scaled down to the bare foundation of weddings. Once you have to decide what is important to you, and for many couples, they couldn’t even tell you why it’s important to do this tradition. It’s similar to the receiving line (which also is fading) or not seeing each other until the ceremony where couples do not see the point in it just because their parents want it. In my honest opinion, it is kind of super cringe and definitely more so if your parents or children are at the wedding. If it’s your thing though, carry on.

The future of wedding traditions

So now what? What should replace these traditions? Do we actually need anything to fill in the space they vacate? We don’t really but I think couples should do whatever the hell they want for their wedding day. I hope that they carry on authentic traditions, values, vibes or trends that you both love. It should be on brand for what you love and how you want to experience your day. With all the time and money that was invested in 24 hours just for you, it better be.







Venue: The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms⁣⁣⁣
Coordinator: A Touch of Bliss⁣⁣
Florist: The Fresh Flower Market⁣⁣
HMUA: Kim J Beauty⁣⁣
Catering: Rocky Mountain Catering⁣⁣
Videographer: Lupher Arts⁣⁣
Dress: Luv Bridal ⁣⁣
Pronovias _ Mikado Kelly ⁣⁣
DJ: Seamless Entertainment⁣⁣⁣
Officiant: Nirup @Lifegate Denver⁣⁣





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