6 Months Milestone – Baby Madeline!

It seems as though it was yesterday that I did Madeline’s newborn session. So I was caught a little of guard when Mom called to schedule her 6 month milestone portraits! And so it is, she is already 6 months old! Wide eyed, bubbly, and sitting up all by herself! I was so thrilled to have her in my studio and catch up with mom since they were here.

6 Month Milestone Session

We did a few poses with a patriotic outfit momma brought to honor their family serving in the military. Otherwise, I was free to use my creative juices to pick out outfits and props for her session. I love being able to run with my imagination when coming up with ideas for my sessions and having the client trust me in creating something beautiful for them. I was able to custom make a few cute outfits for Madeline out of recycled clothing and we took some adorable photos with her in a hat box and washing tub. They helped prop her up as she is just learning to sit independently while adding texture and interest to her portraits.

After the newborn session, the next one I suggest doing is the 6 month milestone. Babies are so different at that age! Many are able to sit (alone or supported), smile and you can interact with them to get delightful expressions and the sweetest giggles. They are able to grab at toys and I am able to capture their little personalities starting to form. I truly enjoy this age as I am able to play with them a bit more and they are not yet running away from the camera! 😉

Miss. M’s Portraits

I know, I know, all babies are cute at this age, but it seems my clients are just a little cuter 😉 ! Just look at those gorgeous baby blues!

pretty in pink, peaches and cream

so big, they grow so quick, sitting up, 6 month baby

Celebrating baby's first half year,

Monument Photography Studio

Denver Portrait Studio, Castle Rock Baby Photographer, Black Forest Photography Studio, Colorado Springs Child Photographer

crawling baby, all smiles, sweet girl

Happy 4th, Fourth of July Baby Portrait

bath time portrait, they change so fast, fleeting moments,

creative studio portraits, happy baby photo

timeless baby portraits, unique baby photography



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