Six Month Baby Freya

Oh, Miss Freya! If only everyone could grow hair like yours. Unfortunately, not all of us are as lucky to have such beautiful locks! Many six month olds struggle to grow peach fuzz and here she is with a full head many grown ups would die for. She recently came to see me for her six month session and we decided to use pretty bows and headbands for her portraits to draw attention to all that hair.

Those Baby Rolls

For six month baby pictures, a few cute props are always great, but keeping it simple is never a bad idea. The focal point should always be the baby and even though we got a few photos of Freya in sweet little outfits I made, we also kept her simple and bare for many of the photos! Naked babies allow me to really capture all the rolls and squishiness. Six month babies are the best because many times they have gained a bit of weight since their newborn pictures and have the most adorable chubby cheeks and dimply bottoms! And they haven’t worked off that cute baby fat by working out crawling, standing or walking.

Freya is a bit older than six months, but was able to squeeze her girlish figure into my six month outfits! Her mom stood behind me and made her laugh and squish up her nose. I did her newborn session as well with her big sister Isla, but this time it was all about Freya. We had fun dressing her up in pink and lace and she seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

Freya’s six month session

I already talked about her hair and her sweet chunkiness, but would you look at those sparkly brown eyes! They are so big, she looks like a doll! This baby truly has it all. I am so blessed to have such cuteness in my studio!

six month photo session

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1005

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1008 (2)

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1016

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1019

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1023

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1031

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1038

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1040

Freya 6 month milestone photos-1047


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