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We are fast approaching the end of 2016! So much has happened and changed this year, especially in the last few months. I don’t normally talk too much to all of you about my personal beliefs or opinions. To be honest, I personally don’t like to argue or be preached to! I cherish all of my clients and friends, and the diversity, beliefs and backgrounds that they hold dear and share. Of course, this blog post won’t be any different in that respect. This post is about love and how much I want to celebrate yours with you.
I want all of you who are reading this that don’t personally know me, to know that I am a very accepting person and that I love all types of people! Regardless of race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender, I want to photograph your beautiful story. And I hope to see and photograph more LGBTQ+ relationships as well as couples from all backgrounds that have found love and a blessed future with another person in this world.  Whether it be your wedding day, the squishy little newborn that just entered your life or your family now that it is complete, I’d love to be able to document your happiest days. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for my life and business as well as yours and the new heirloom legacies of the wonderful people and families that I will meet.  Love is Love.

All Love is beautiful



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