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Blake’s 6 Month Milestone Session | Blue Bonnets Baby Session

This beautiful baby girl is my niece Blake.  Well technically my niece’s daughter but on my husband’s family side we have grandchildren who are much older than my kids so I just call her my niece 🙂   When Blake was born, I was so excited to meet her that I flew to Texas at 33 weeks pregnant to photograph her newborn session (click here to see how squishy she was).  Back in Texas for another session, and perfectly coinciding with the blue bonnets season, I was over the moon excited to photograph her 6 month milestone session.  Plus I have never gotten to photograph in blue bonnet season!  I’m usually in Texas, California and Nevada at least once a year and I do travel for photography if you want to schedule your own session with me.  Florida is on my list as well of frequented states 🙂
This session was so fun to photograph! Living in Colorado, I don’t see Blake as much as I’d like to. But when I do, I absolutely love creating memories like these for her and her new growing family.  Her mom will be getting married soon so another awesome reason to go to Texas to see her 🙂  Blake is such a curious and expressive child, it’s awesome that I get to freeze her wander and innocence through my photography! And while I want her to stay this small and adorable forever, I also can’t wait to watch her grow. Every time I see her, I’m amazed by how much she’s grown!

Blake’s 6 Month Milestone Session

6 Month Milestone Session in Texas

Don’t you just love her bow?

6 Month Milestone Session in Texas

6 Month Milestone Session in Texas Blue Bonnets

Blake’s expression is priceless.

6 Month Milestone Session in blue Bonnets

Blue Bonnet 6 Month Milestone Session
Texas 6 Month Milestone Session
Texas Mile Stone Session
6 Month Milestone Session by Katie Corinne
If you’d like to schedule a 6 Month Milestone Session, I’d love to hear from you. Please, get in touch! And if you’re in Texas, and want to to schedule a blue bonnets session, let me know that too! I visit often and love to schedule sessions while I’m there!
Note: While most of my milestone sessions are in the studio, I also have a beautiful mountain view right outside! Make sure to mention if you’d like to schedule an outdoor session, as it’s important that we try to plan around the weather! 


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