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Monument Newborn Photographer – Grow up so fast

Monument Newborn Photographer

They grow up so fast. So the saying goes and most people say this without fully taking in how true and impactful it is. Of course, most mothers in the beginning feel like time is standing still and that they felt every sleepless, confusing, overwhelming and terrifying moment with that little baby. Yet, there will come a day when you simultaneously can see a 10 year old as a newborn as if it were yesterday. And trust me, new moms, I know that those first days, weeks and months are hard.  The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do actually.  Nevertheless, we can’t forget to breath, enjoy and soak in this time, because you can never go back.  As a Monument newborn photographer and mother, I can say that without hesitation.

Even as a Monument newborn photographer, when I became a mother for the first time, I relied on myself to capture my first-born Austin.  Even though I have photos of him in the NICU and as a newborn in cute poses, I regret not hiring a professional to do those photos.  Luckily, I do have the photos but it was painful, difficult, exhausting and not the feelings I want to relive when I look at the photos.  I was recovering from an emergency c-section, Austin was on oxygen and was sleeping 1.5 hours at a time. However, I count myself fortunate to have so many photos of him little.  Because you can never go back.  No matter the amount of money you have, or opportunities or strides we make in technology….you can never get that time, the way they looked or how you felt back.

Recreating newborn photos – you can never go back

To drive this point home, I asked my 2 monkeys to help me with something.  With some lollipop and M&M’s bribes I got some silly photos of the two of them “newborn like” wrapped in swaddles with little loveys etc and got these hilarious photos of the two of them.  They are terrible actors at this stage pretending to sleep but I think this is pretty successful for a 3 and 5 year old.  I could barely fit their shoulders and chest on the bean bag and wrap them to look swaddled.

I don’t think anyone else will pay me to swaddle their toddlers or preschoolers to try to recreate the newborn photos that their children never had.  It is because even if you can do it, it’s not the same.  You’re not the same person.  Holding them so tiny laying on your chest isn’t the same.  You can’t wrap them to your body and carry them around anymore.  It’s a different era.

Hire a professional newborn photographer – you won’t regret it

So what is my point?  My point is not to let the short time period pass you by without capturing the best parts of it you’ll want to look back on later in life.  Hire a photographer.  Enjoy the experience of motherhood, baby joys and keeping them closer.  Capture that time to tell to that baby as their story.  To remind you of your own journey and to lift you up on days when that babe is graduating high school and leaving home.

Katie is a Monument newborn photographer that captures the heirloom portraits of your new, tiny babies for you to cherish a lifetime.  And with enough persistence and bribes, silly recreation images of your toddlers and teenagers.

silly boy pretends to be sleepy newborn

kindergartner pretends to be sleepy newborn

5 year old boy pretends to be sleepy newborn

Toddler wrapped as newborn

3 year old posed as sleeping newborn

silly brothers pretend to be newborns

2 children pretending to be newborns

toddler brothers pretending to sleep 2 brothers pretend to be newborn babies

a 3 and 5 year old pretend to be sleepy newborns


Colorado Springs, Black Forest and Monument have seen many of their newborn photographers move out of the area or close up their studios.  If you are looking for Precious Moments Photography, Photography by Jennifer Lambson, Modern Newborn Photography, Shelly Pray Photography or Alicia Poreda Photography, they are all gone from the Colorado area.  Katie Corinne Photography is still in Colorado Springs, Black Forest and Monument for heirloom maternity, newborn and milestone portraits.


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