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Milestone Session Outfits

A lot of parents ask me about milestone session outfits and what they should buy or bring to their baby’s session. That’s actually not something my clients even need to worry about. I have a whole wardrobe full of milestone session outfits for my clients. These are clothing items that work best for show and not for everyday use. They photograph really well and can fit most babies. And don’t worry. I wash them or steam them between each use so they are clean and sanitized for your little one. I do the same thing with any props, blankets, or set pieces I use too.

When I choose the outfits for your custom session. I match them to the unique sets I use. If you do want to bring your own outfits for your milestone session, clothing that is free of cumbersome materials work best since they help your baby feel more comfortable and they also show off the baby instead of getting in the way. We also can do a set of birthday suit photos. These always end up being super cute! And we always use strategic posing and angles with these photos.

Milestone Session Outfits – Ruby’s Floral Six-Month Portraits

Little Baby Ruby here had such a great time at her six-month portraits. We went with a spring theme and kept the milestone session outfits clean and simple with pretty textures and details. I just love, love, love the first set with all the flowers. That was so much fun to put together. To tie the outfit into the set, Ruby wore a floral headband and a flower ribbon tie. We kept the floral theme going with some different floral headbands to go with her birthday suit photos. For the last set, we went with a more luxurious feel and brought out all the super fluffy rugs. These are seriously the softest things and even I want to just lay on them all day!

spring milestone session in Colorado

six month baby portraits with flowers

six month old at milestone session outfit ideas

Colorado baby at milestone session

Colorado Springs baby at milestone session

Colorado six month old at photo session

milestone baby at session outfits

Colorado baby at milestone photography session


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