Colorado Springs Pregnancy Photography

So often, I get soon-to-be mothers contacting me about Colorado Springs pregnancy photography but they always have a reason not to get their photos done. Here are the top five excuses I get from mother’s-to-be and why you should get maternity photos anyway.

You’re not feeling pretty. This is the most common excuse I hear. When we’re pregnant, our bodies change a lot and quickly. It can be hard to love the new version of ourselves that we see in the mirror. But you’re going to look back, years from now, and wish you had these photos of this phase in your life.

You’re too hormonal. Whether pregnancy hormones are making you moody, breakout, or you just have to pee all the time, we can work with it! If you wait for the perfect conditions to do something, it will never happen. Colorado Springs pregnancy photography isn’t just for you, it’s for your family and future generations.

You’ve put on weight. Well, of course you have, there’s a baby growing inside of you! Your body is capable of incredible things. Being able to create new life is worth celebrating!

It’s not the right season. I have done fun and beautiful maternity sessions all year round. Yes, we have to plan your session around your pregnancy, which means we can’t choose the season. That’s okay! I know the best spots for sessions all year round. Plus, we can also have the session in my studio, where the weather doesn’t matter.

You don’t have anything flattering to wear. I got you! I have a client closet full of beautiful maternity dresses that look incredible on everyone! Fancy maternity dresses are expensive so I totally get not wanting to invest in one for just one portrait day. That’s why I stock my client closet with the fanciest, prettiest dresses for my clients to choose from.

Colorado Springs Pregnancy Photography

No matter your excuse, no matter what’s holding you back, pregnancy is worth celebrating. This is such a fleeting phase in life that you can’t get back once your baby comes. Plus, your children are going to want to see what you (and they) looked like before they were born.

Colorado Springs Pregnancy photography

Colorado Springs Pregnancy photographer

Colorado Pregnancy photography

Colorado Pregnancy photographer

Colorado Springs maternity photography

Colorado Springs maternity photographer

Colorado maternity photography

Colorado maternity photographer

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Colorado Springs maternity photos

Colorado Springs maternity pictures

Colorado Springs maternity portraits


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