Professional Headshot Portrait Photographer - Colorado Springs

Professional Headshot Portrait Photographer

Professional Headshot Portrait Photographer – Colorado Springs

Lets talk head-shots for a moment. A good headshot is the face of your business! It is your visual brand that presents you in the best light.  In addition, it is the first impression you will be making to prospective clients to make that initial contact. A great headshot portrait photographer can help your business standout from your competition. It is necessary to choose a professional background that compliments your profession maybe even in a unique light.  As well you need help with outfit choices to match your brand.  It is not just a picture, it is your professional image and brand. It shows the client that you are serious and a professional expert in your industry. Does your current headshot represent all of the things you want your clients to know about you? If not, lets get it updated!

Blue Eyes Consulting

A good headshot portrait photographer gets to know their client before sitting them in front of the camera. I want to know as your photographer, for what will you be using your headshot.  I will lead you through clothing choices, make up style and hair to guarantee that your portrait communicates your personality and style.  Recently, I traveled to Denver to meet with Patty (the owner), Amy, Brittney and Liz. They are the four wonderful woman behind Blue Eyes Consulting. They wanted to update their head-shots with a clean, modern back ground.  I suggested Inverness Hotel in Denver for the location.

These four ladies are a phenomenal team, working well together to promote, manage and make successful wedding venues. They work with each client independently and help identify their needs and goals and customize a strategy to help the business succeed. I already know venue development is the signature service in which Blue Eyes Consulting specializes. Blue Eyes assesses facilities, sets up budgets and marketing tools as well.  Their list of clients is very diverse and include blanc, Denver Broncos, and many MLB stadiums and NFL teams!

These head-shots represent how gorgeous these ladies are and their professional brand. I believe they also show how close they are as a team.  These portraits can be seen on their website and social media pages. Futhermore your headshot can be also used for your e-mail signature, on business cards and promotional material. Professional headshot portraits will make a huge difference between getting that client or missing the opportunity.

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