Colorado Maternity Sessions

Colorado Maternity Sessions – S Family

Colorado maternity sessions are so special. The S family had a beautiful and fun maternity session in Colorado Springs. We went to Dawson Butte, a great location with mountain views, forests, and lots of trails to wander. I always look for locations that have both trees and open meadow areas. The trees are perfect for earlier in the session, when the sun is still high and we want some shade. Then the open areas are a great place to get the mountain and sunset views. The perfect way to capture life in Colorado!  Also it’s pretty beautiful any time of the year.

Colorado Maternity Sessions

So many of my newborn clients do not want to book maternity sessions. I understand why. A lot of pregnant women feel sick throughout their pregnancy and no one wants to pose and dress up when they feel like poo. Even when they aren’t feeling crappy, they might not feel very good about how they look. It’s hard to see yourself with all that extra belly! But maternity sessions are so important!

It is an investment in yourself and in your family. That means that even if you don’t want to even think about being pregnant right now, once you’re done having kids, it will be a great way to look back at the part of your life that brought you your children! And when those kids are grown, they’ll be able to look back at themselves before they were even born. I promise, a few years from now, you will be so glad you put on that dress and got outside for photos, no matter how crappy you felt at the time. Pregnancy is so beautiful!

Maternity sessions are just a small add on session when you book a newborn session or milestone package with me. That makes it so much easier to justify it since it’s not a big added budget item. And Colorado maternity sessions are so versatile too! This family brought everyone out to their session since they have a toddler son as well. You can include your whole family, just your partner, or even have a solo session with just you and your belly. I have some gorgeous maternity gowns for my mamas to wear. These solo maternity sessions are so epic. You also have the option of having a session in my studio, if outside isn’t your thing. Maternity sessions are so worth it, even if it doesn’t sound super appealing at the moment.

pregnant mom with toddler son

mother and son laugh together

pregnant mom kisses toddler son

Mother holds son during maternity session

Father hugs son and pregnant mother

Photo of family at Dawson Butte

Pregnant mother and father with their son in Colorado

Family with toddler son in Colorado Springs

Toddler sitting on dads shoulders kisses pregnant mom

Toddler sits on top of dads shoulders with pregnant mother

pregnant couple in front of Colorado mountain range

Colorado maternity family in Dawson Butte

couple holds each other at Colorado maternity sessions

Colorado Springs family holds hands on trail


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