Colorado Newborn Photography – What to Wear

I cannot wait to meet your new little one! Adding a new addition to your family is so exciting! You’re booked for your Colorado newborn photography session and you’re probably wondering what’s next? Well, one of the most frequent questions I get asked by my clients is what to wear and how to prepare for their newborn session. So, I’ve put together this little guide to help you plan your outfits so you can look flawless and feel awesome at your session. When your children grow up, they’ll be able to look at these photos and see their first few days earthside. I want to make sure you all look amazing in these photos and love every single one!

Colorado Newborn Photography – What to Wear

Colorado Springs newborn photographers

Preparing Baby for Photos

Give your baby a bath the day before your session. The day of the session, dress your baby in loose-fitting clothing so they don’t have imprints and marks on their skin. Be sure to also trim their nails a day or two before. Speaking of nails, your hand will also be in some of the photos, so make sure they are clean and trimmed as well.

Photos with twin newborn babies

Outfits for Parents and Siblings

In order to make sure your new baby stays comfortable and sleepy during our session, I keep my studio very warm (about 75° to 80° F). Make sure to wear lightweight clothing and layers you can take off so you can stay comfortable too. Bring an extra set of clothes for everyone who will be coming to the session (even if they won’t be photographed). Babies have a tendency to make messes and you don’t want to be stuck in dirty clothes.

What to Wear

Solid Colors or textured patterns (like lace or knits)

Crew necks or V-necks with long sleeves

Coordinating Colors (Cool colors like grey and light blue or taupe and blush)

For older siblings comfortable, simple clothing

Shoes aren’t as important as they most likely won’t be in the photos

Simple soft makeup and hair

Clean shaven for guys (or trimmed so beards don’t irritate baby)

Don’t worry about an outfit for baby (we have plenty of options to use)

Parent Photos with baby outfit tips

Shop my Closet

I have a collection of dresses that my moms can wear for newborn sessions. My closet is full of gowns in various sizes and they are all super stretchy so they will fit most women. I have photographed all of them a lot so I know they look great on camera and go well with the wraps and outfits I have. You are more than welcome to look through them and borrow them for your session.

Colorado Newborn Photography

What Not to Wear

There are certain things I always advise against since they just don’t photograph well.


Graphic tees

Busy patterns

Button down shirts or zippers (if possible to avoid scratching the baby)

Huge or oversized Jewelry

Short sleeve shirts (they can look too casual or not as flattering)

They draw the eye away from the subject, your little family! You don’t want everyone straining to read your husband’s shirt, you want them looking at your new baby and happy family!

What Outfits Good Newborn Session

Show Off Your Style

Bring any props or family heirlooms you want to incorporate into the session. And let me know of any specific ideas you have ahead of time. I have a lot of props in my studio and I often put specific sets together for newborn sessions that incorporate parent’s careers, passions, etc.

For more ideas on what to wear for your Colorado newborn photography session, take a look at some pins on my Pinterest board:

Baby photo session outfit ideas

Colorado Springs baby photographers

What to Wear Baby Photos

baby outfit ideas for photo session



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