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What to Expect: Posed Newborn Session

What to Expect: Posed Newborn Session

When you bring your new baby into this world, an indescribable change happens.  Time simultaneously goes incredibly slow – trying to get that baby to sleep at 2am or pumping for 30 minutes.  And as well goes incredibly fast – in a blink of an eye it seems that day old baby is several weeks old and changing so much.  Which is why having newborn photos in the first few weeks of their life is so important and pressing.

My photography studio, Katie Corinne Photography, offers 2 different ways to document and remember this time in your life.  If you love a more casual, documentary short and sweet session, check out this blog post on lifestyle sessions.  Whereas lifestyle newborn sessions are about an hour, posed newborn sessions, conversely, are usually 3 hours.  However, if you find yourself drawn more to detailed, styled imagery, then this post on what to expect for your posed newborn session is for you.  My posed newborn sessions are now offered in-home or in a studio, depending on your preference.

newborn baby boy asleep on a blanket

A few months out…

First, if possible, plan and book your session a few months before your due date.  That way you can ensure that I have time in my schedule for your session. Most babies are 7 days old for their sessions.  Also, if you desire a theme or specific props, make sure you have ample time to buy them.  I have a lot of props such as baskets, blankets, stuffed animals, wraps, floors and headpieces.  You do not need to worry about getting these particular items.  If, however, you want to incorporate a sports team (Broncos), book (Harry Potter), movie (Star Wars) or other interest, you should definitely buy those props.  Of course, as your newborn photographer let me know (a long time ahead) so I can plan accordingly. Furthermore, if you would like a specific look or prop let me know that as well.

How to Plan

Second, some babies need more care or have more considerations than others. Older (more than 2 weeks old) or NICU babies I welcome as well!  If your newborn is on oxygen, has just received a circumcision or other complication, don’t be afraid to still have your session. However, definitely talk about this with everyone before the session.  In addition, if you had a difficult labor, c-section or any restrictions, definitely let your baby photographer know. Lastly, a few days before your session, be sure to limit caffeine or spicy foods if you are breastfeeding.

Third, if you are planning for your session in your home, send a few pictures of your home to your photographer.  The areas usually with the best light will be where they setup but in general the living room, master bedroom and nursery are generally used the most, so plan on tidying up those rooms.  Although baby photographers usually dislike bare walls after they leave (hopefully they have those beautiful photos on the walls), for the newborn session a bare painted wall usually is the background for the family photos.

baby wrapped in basket with moose antlers

newborn baby boy with fishing props

newborn baby boy on oxygen

What to Wear

For your attire, I recommend simple colored long sleeved shirts or blouses with no buttons, collars or logos.  The reason for this is to avoid clothing hiding or irritating the baby. In addition, for posed newborn sessions, whether in home or in studio, usually your baby will be wrapped in a coordinating color.  Outfits generally aren’t needed for newborns. If possible, get a manicure or trim and clean nails and touch up hair roots as well.  Take a look at our What to Wear Guide for more details.

However, if siblings are being incorporated, the same suggestions apply for clothing. In general, any sibling photos will be done first and then family photos.  Moreover, be sure to give naps or have activities, snacks or bribes for those siblings so everyone stays in a good mood.  Regardless, have additional outfits for everyone since babies are prone to accidents.

newborn girl in potato sack pose

first time mom with newborn baby boy

newborn baby photos with family

The Day of Your Posed Newborn Session

Usually posed newborn sessions are first thing in the morning around 9am.  If your lucky your baby is sleeping for 3 hour or more stretches between meals.  If this is the case, try to have a feeding around 6am.  That way your newborn’s next meal should be right around the start time of the session.  I prefer to meet a hungry, sleepy and grumpy baby when I arrive.  🙂  By the time I arrive and have set up any lighting or props, most babies are “milk drunk” and ready.

Another way to prepare is to turn up the heat to around 75 degrees in your home.  If coming to a studio, the temperature will be closer to 80 degrees.  A few other items to have handy would be diapers, burp clothes and the pacifier (if possible). Studio newborn sessions generally incorporate larger lighting strobes and in-home sessions use a more portable system.

A posed newborn session is generally 3 parts.  A blanket baby only (naked or wrapped), a prop pose (bucket/basket) and then parents or family.  Your little one’s mood will determine which of these we will start first. Generally we will start with a wrap if your baby is still awake.  Occasionally, I may ask for your assistance with a specific pose.  These particular poses are composites and are done in photoshop for the baby’s safety.  Finally, don’t worry about baby acne, scratches or peeling as this will be corrected in photoshop once you make your gallery selections.

sweet baby photos on blanket

Are you pregnant and needing a newborn photographer in the Colorado Springs area to capture your sweet baby?  Contact Katie (xoxo@katiecorinne.com) to book your session!



Irish baby boy on green fur

newborn boy with his big sister

newborn baby boy posed photography

little baby boy in green pants





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