Cake Smash Themes – My Favorites

Cake Smash themed sessions are the latest “must have” milestone photos for your little baby that is going fast from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye.  Now, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, my parents didn’t have those photos when I was 1.  Honestly, I am sure in the days of film that they did try to take pictures of you with your first cake going to town but didn’t turn out.  Of course, you can do a 1 year session without a cake smash.  Actually with all my cake smash themed photoshoots, I do 2 sets of just your cutie before the grand finale cake smash 😊.  However, the best themed cake smashes are ones with a little fantasy to capture a fantastic, fun magical world with your baby trying a treat for the first time and their reaction.  Here are some of my favorite cake smash themes I have done and a few I would love to try.

Ideas for Cake Smash Themes

When thinking of what theme or look you want for your little one’s cake smash session (because let’s be honest you can’t really ask), I tell parents to think first of their personalities.  Virgil’s jungle session was perfect because this little man would walk around the house like the King, King of the Jungle.  And boy did he act like it for his session!  In addition, another favorite cake smash theme idea can stem from a nickname (or name) your little has earned. Gabriel was in the NICU for 4 months of his first year (so we delayed his 1 year shoot) but the nurses gave him the nickname of little lion (lionheart).  Mr. Gabriel had also perfected roaring at people and even kids in daycare!  So a safari – lion cake smash theme fit perfectly.  And Ms. Archer was given a strong name so we did a sweet session paying tribute to her name.

Perhaps there are characters that your little are passionate about and love to play with.  For Zebbie, that was Mickey, but there are so many these days like Elsa from Frozen, Woody from Toy Story, or .  Or like Leah you can be a mermaid because she loves the water so much. It’s a wonderful site when your baby sees a miniature world just for them of something they love.

Now, I know not all babies have such strong feelings about one thing.  After all, they are still figuring out crawling and walking.  So many themed cake smashes are based on colors.  Sometimes it’s the colors of their nursery, mom and dad’s favorite colors, or even sport colors.  Although Broncos orange is a hard color to pull off for any baby lol.  And I loved the red and white of a simple strawberry cake smash of Lillian’s session.

Cake Smashes – What to Expect

Regardless of what you end up deciding on, you should plan on booking your session and planning the details of the themed cake smash about 2 months before their birthday to give you plenty of time to prepare and give me your photographer time to design the set and acquire any props and the cake.  When you book a session with me, you can expect.  A few photos with different setup and props that go with your theme.  Usually the cake I provide as well as long as there are no food allergies.  Lastly, a happy but perplexed baby and a lot of leftover cake (generally).  Oh and sometimes a mini bath afterwards or at least a wipes bath.

Some New Ideas for Cake Smashes

I love doing cake smashes and love my clients bringing new ideas for future sessions to me.  Here are a few ideas that I would love to create for the perfect little client.

A race cars or Construction site cake smash.

Movies  themed cake smashes like Trolls, Frozen, Toy Story, Boss Baby (would love to do this one).

A Non cake smash with different food like tacos, spaghetti, donuts, etc.

Heroes themed cake smashes from the Marvel or DC series or historical heroes like Rosie Riveter, Abe Lincoln or fictional ones like Harry Potter.

If your little one is turning 1 in a few months, email me or give me a call so we can start planning their themed cake smash!

Candyland Cake Smash with adorable little girl


Little boy as baby Maui for Moana Theme cask

Strawberry girl themed cake smash

Fraternal twins in pink and navy cake smash set

Hungry lumberjack cake smash with little boy

Little girl cake smash as a mermaid

One year old little boy dinosaur cake smash

Jungle cake smash with African American little boy

John Deere cake smash with little boy

vintage floral little girl smashing cake

Archer cake smash with arrows

Most cakes featured here by: Icing on the Cake


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