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In Home Newborn Session – Baby James

I love dogs! So, when this family told me they wanted to incorporate their two dogs into their Colorado Springs newborn session, I was so excited! We decided to do an in home newborn session so that the dogs would be in a familiar place be free to move around more. They also wanted to incorporate a few bigger pieces into the session as props. There was a beautiful, white, antique chair and a quilt made by one of Baby James’s grandmothers. Me coming to their house rather than them coming to my studio meant less lugging around the big items.

In Home Newborn Session – Baby James

It takes a lot in order to get a photo with both dogs in it, and a sleeping baby, and everyone else smiling and looking at the camera. Luckily, we have Photoshop! The image with everyone together was a composite, which means I took a bunch of photos ad stitched them all together in one. This is pretty much a necessity with pups because they don’t usually sit still for very long. One of their dogs was pretty hyper but amazingly she sat still for me long enough to get a few photos. James’s parents warned me that the other dog was very shy. She sat still for the photos but once that flash went off for the first time, she jumped and ran off. Luckily, that one shot was all I needed from her!

We actually use composites a lot in newborn photography. It’s one of the ways we keep babies safe, even in the more intricate poses. Another example of this is with the photos of Baby James on the chair. It’s not safe to have a baby up that high, unsecured. We made sure that someone was always holding him, either from one side or the other. Then I picked the best two and stitched them together to edit the hands out.

Colorado baby at in home newborn photography session

baby boy at in home newborn session

Colorado Springs baby at in home newborn session

new baby at in home newborn session

baby on special quilt posed for home newborn photographer

Colorado baby boy at in home portrait photography session

Baby boy at Colorado Springs newborn session

Colorado Springs baby on antique chair

Family poses for Colorado Springs newborn photographer

Monument family with Colorado Springs baby

Colorado family at Colorado Springs newborn session

Black Forest family with Colorado Springs newborn


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