Crooked Willow Farms Weddings – The Best Colorado Weddings

There are some Colorado wedding venues that I never get tired of photographing at and Crooked Willow Farms weddings are one of my favorites.  I know because I actually got married there!  Nevertheless putting my bias aside, it has some of the most romantic views and settings. From May to October, you’ll find rustic red barns, a stunning ballroom and a lovely garden that is breathtaking.  Without a doubt you will fall in love with this Colorado venue and here are my favorite and best Crooked Willow Farms weddings.

Crooked Willow Farms Weddings – The Best Colorado Weddings

Crooked Willow Farms is in a great location because it’s half way between Colorado Springs and south Denver.  It’s also only 15 minutes from my house!  This means that you get to have a mountain view without transporting all your wedding guests up I-70 in traffic.  By the same token, we can only hope the gap project on I-25 is done by the time you read this.

Of course, what I really want to share with you is how gorgeous every Crooked Willow Farms Wedding is!  You won’t find any winter weddings here, well not on purpose.  First, in the Springtime it is so lush and green and the color pops against that red barn like in Kate’s dramatic veil photo.  As well you may get an epic rainbow to frame your wedding day.  Next, in the summer Crooked Willow Farms Weddings also have wildflowers and the garden in full bloom.  Amanda and Ted’s 4th of July wedding had bright colors, camels and a stunning sunset.  Johnny & Sarah chose to romp through the meadow and have the horses in the back of their country wedding.

Although I believe without a doubt that the favorite season at Crooked Willow is fall!  The colors are absolutely incredible, especially in the garden.  I would recommend though to brace your fall Crooked Willow Farms Weddings for a bit of chill.  Brooke was a trooper even though her early September wedding was in the 30’s.  Yet, for the most part, you’ll have golden light, warm jewel tone colors to adorn your wedding day.


Bride and groom at fall wedding Crooked Willow Farms

bride leaning against red barn

Bride and groom in lola's loft

first look no look with bride and groom

fall wedding with bride and groom in field

grooms with groomsmen in front of barn

milky way photo with bride and groom

bride and groom kiss in the crooked willow garden

Groom lifting bride in crooked willow garden

bride and groom summer ranch wedding

rainbow with bride and groom in field

bride with groom and long veil in the wind

bride twirling in dress with horses in background

country groom with bride kissing

bride and groom running in meadow

bridesmaids in classic bridemaid movie pose

bridesmaids walking to crooked willow barn

fall wedding with bride and groom dip

smiling wedding couple at crooked willow farms

dress handing in turret window at Crooked Willow

bride and groom snuggling at farm

bride and groom with camels at crooked willow

groom dancing with mom at wedding

bride and groom walking along red barn

sunset with lake reflection of bride and groom

bride posed in crooked willow garden

bride and military groom kissing in field

bride and military groom walking along red barn


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